Wow…The talented Mr. Cheadle!

I was both excited&nervous to meet him because I know there is a “person” inside of him that will pull out a word from his extensive dictionary that can lose you mid-conversation.

However, it is that same ability that also had me EXCITED: I wanted to pick his brain; I wanted to know HOW he does it.

I actually posted this pic of me&Don in my toast to… “A GREAT WEEK” however, he was one of those people that you meet and say…”I need 20 more minutes with him.”

Think about his range and what must go through his head as he played everything from “a black china man” in Rush Hour 3 to a thief with a cockney accent in the “Ocean Eleven” movies.

Then there was “Crash” “Hotel Rwanda” “SwordFish” “Traffic” “Flight” and now the “Iron Man” movies.

He is a GENIUS on “THE HOUSE OF LIES” but I wanted to tell him I first remembered him as “Ice Tray” on “THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR.” LOL!

People may argue with me on this one, but I personally think Denzel can’t do what Don does. When I see Denzel on screen I see “Denzel,” with the exception of Malcolm X: There were times when I thought I was looking at Malcolm X; However Don Cheadle has the ability to lose “Don Cheadle” on screen.

We talked alot “off-air” about hip hop, movies, all kinds of stuff. From that, I gathered that he’s “extra” focused: So focused that he’s a “hard read.”

Like he’d laugh, but you REALLY ain’t know what he was laughing at: The story or the fact that he noticed the caller mis pronounced three words telling it. LOL!

I was feeling like I was running out of time because he hadn’t given up ANY goods as to HOW&WHY he’s sooo good at what he does and then…the slip came.

As he was walking out, he says to Sway…”Yo, you still call yourself TRYING to to play poker?” Sway laughs.

And the MOMENT he said that…it HIT me like a ton of bricks: HE’S A POKER PLAYER!!! NO WONDER!

After he leaves Sway breaks down how RIDICULOUS of a player Don is…and it ALL made since after that: He mastered the POKER FACE, which is why you never “see” Don Cheadle on screen.

I don’t know WHEN he’s coming back to the show, but when he does I’ll be ready! Don may be a BEAST poker player, but ain’t NO WAY I’m gonna let him take me in “UNO!” LOL!