All I can say about my dog is…she needs a hug!

After ALL these years of having her, she’s still jumpy, nosey, needs petting EVERY 15 mins. and LOVES chicken.

I couldn’t wait to ask Cesar a million questions on how to get my dog under wraps and he answered ALL of my problems with a one word answer….”EXCERCISE!”

He said a tired dog NEVER does those type of things, then he said…”Do you walk her?” I smiled&said…”nope.” LOL!!!

I didn’t think you had to walk a dog if you had a yard. He explained to me that exercise was IMPORTANT&I really shouldn’t have to use a leash when walking the dog because she should be under my command. I wanted to say…”Cesar, my dog from da hood, so you can go ‘head with that one.”

He said he use to walk 40 DOGS with NO LEASHES! Maybe Oprah&Jada Pinkett dogs don’t need no leashes (those are his clients) but HB dog is a different dawg! Haha!!!

P.S. AND for all you dog lovers out there that are wondering what’s the best product for fleas? (Because I asked him about that too)

The Dog Whisperer said without hesistation: “FRONTLINE!”