There is NO WAY you can LOVE hip-hop or call yourself an mc without giving ULTIMATE props to RUN-DMC!

I remember the FIRST day I heard SUCKA Mc’s; My life CHANGED! And who can forget when DMC said:

“I’m DMC in the place to be, I went to St. John’s University and since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge and after 12 qrade I went STRAIGHT TO COLLGE!”

Parents from my generation may not know this, but DMC made going to college COOL! He made us want to “go to college!”

I have no recollection of the interview,(because I was staring at him the whole time)except for two things:
When he performed SUCKA MC”s I lost my mind. LOL!

AND…At the end of him performing “SUCKA MC’S” DMC said, “HEATHER B in the place to BE!” Can you imagine???

I did want to tell him that…”When I went and saw them at MSG back in the day, and “MY ADIDAS” came out…I was waving a royal-blue Reebok!” But I didn’t want him to take “Heather B in the place to be back for not having on ADIDAS at their concert!” LOL!

I LOVE RUN DMC…The GREATEST hip-hop GROUP of ALL TIME! Period. Point. Blank.