WHO would be shocked that I didn’t grow up listening to VAN HALEN. Up until last week, if someone walked up to me and offered me a MILLION DOLLARS to name ONE member of the group or ONE song…that would of been ONE MILLION down the drain.

The entire BUILDING was buzzing because “David Lee Roth” was coming, but for me…I was saying, “Where’s his wikipedia?”

Growing up as a black FEMALE, in da hood, from Jersey City, NJ my weekends were not spent “rockin out” to Van Halen.

Now ask me to sing some Al Green, some O’Jays, some Teddy, some Temptations, some Gladys…I GOT YOU!…but VAN HALEN???? LIES! on top of LIES!!!

Interesting enough though, after chatting with the colorful David Lee Roth I found out we spent our weekends listening to the same music.

Grant it, David Lee are my parents age…however he shared with me that he&his sister LOVED soul music, studied it, and therefore THAT ended up being his contribution to VAN HALEN.

“Man, I was all about harmony!” “I added those harmonies…like the music groups had that I LOVED!”

His music history was INCREDIBLE…and for some time he even went on to do radio hosting on commmercial radio, but was soon let go because “It was a rock station, and I was playing soul.” “Listen man…I was trying to give the history of all this rock&roll stuff!” KUDOS to him for doing that!

I mean, I know he got canned, but trust me when I tell you he ain’t hurting for money….AT ALL!” He shared with us that he spends a great deal of time in Japan studying some form of martial arts.

I got the sense he was a “partier” because he couldn’t sit still during the interview. LOL The phones were ringing OFF THE HOOK with people that wanted to talk to him; And he answered EVERY question almost with too much honesty. LOL!

In the end, Sway asked him about his love life and if he was in a relationship: When I tell you “too much honesty” this is what I mean:

“No man…I’m not in a relationship!” “You know… Hay man, just give me 2 hookers&a toaster and I’m fine.”

I guess that’s that “rock star” life…I get the hooker thing, but I’m STILL not sure what the toaster was for. LOL!

In any event, David Lee Roth is cool with me….and FYI I realized I knew the song “JUMP.” I just didn’t know VAN HALEN made it.