Back in the day when we all sat around the tv to catch “IN LIVIN COLOR” WHO KNEW that Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey& Jamie Foxx would be the BIGGEST stars to come from that show.

Think about it, J-Lo was a dancer, Jim Carrey was “Fire Marshall Bill” &Jamie was best known as “WANDA.”

The super talented cast that included Damon Wayans, Kim Wayans, Kim Coles, Tommy Davidson, and of course David Allen Grier who I think had just as much as air time as Damon&Keenen.

Why is then that I can only remember David (post In LIVING COLOR”)from “Boomerang” & as the preacher from “Martin?”

He came by to promote “Peeples” the film exec. produced by Tyler Perry in which David plays “Virgil Peeples” Kerry Washington’s father: Kerry plays Grace Peeples.

FYI> He was EXTREMELY nice&personable: And he even did some dead-on impressions.

I wanted him to do an impression of Tyler Perry…I have no idea why LOL, but instead David talked about what it was like seeing Tyler Perry on set. HONESTLY it sound “Obama-like” and a lil scary.

He said Tyler flew down on set by helicopter, (YES HELICOPTER) security was EVERYWHERE, and he was referred to as “MR.PERRY.”

*GOT IT! NOW…I know WHY I wanted him to do an impression of Tyler Perry. For some reason, Tyler Perry reminds me of the kind of person that’s been “practicing” all his life to be nasty, stinky, rich. And I know when he’s “on” he can pour it on!” I LOVE IT!!! “Mr. Perry.” LOL!!!

After David left, I did some research on how many films&television programs he’s done since “IN LIVIN COLOR” and real talk…it’s TOO MANY to name.

So HOW COME Mr. DAG is not BIGGER? How come he’s not Jamie or Jim Carrey?

I would only hope that writers&directors like Tyler Perry continue to cast good actors: comedic or not. There are TONS of extremely talented out of work artists…that just can’t knock that wall completely down.

It’s crazy too…because the more I get a chance to talk to actors “off-air” about the Hollywood Game, I realize, IT AIN’T A GAME.”