This was my second time meeting actor Craig Robinson and I must say THIS TIME was even more fun than the last!

Craig came by to promote his new film, “THE END” that comes out on June 12th w/Seth Rogen, James DiFranco and a gang of others.

For whatever reason, when Craig came by the show he was in a singing mood…go figure! I did find out that he has a musical background and is educated, but on this day he was playing kare-o-kee on the radio and I was LOVING IT!!!

We sang, “With You I’m Born Again” by Billy Preston& Syreeta…although he told me I was messing up the lyrics! LOL AND we did a MEAN duet of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “FANTASY” I KNEW the words to that. Lol!!!

Craig is a FUN dude and I hope he continues to do well in tv&movie world. He shared that he just completed a tv pilot for NBC about a “music guy” who is now teaching kids…think “THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW” 2013 and I really hope we see it this fall.

Thinking now, I shoulda told Craig to put me on his show since he gave me that nice, tight, hug…and he complimented me on my “pick up line” game.

Next time…I’m going for mine>>> “FANTASY” style! LOL!