Ok…so apparently my adopted nephew, Donald Glover (I’ll explain later) went on a social media rant and expressed some of his feelings.

Some folks said he was “losing it” others said “it was publicity stunt” I just think…he had a rude awakening (about the entertainment industry) as most of us eventually do.

I remember meeting Donald last year and thinking, “this kid is SCARY TALENTED.” He was charismatic, engaging, and had a smile that lit up the room.

I had no idea about his history prior to coming to THE SWAY IN THE MORNING SHOW, however…I could tell he was well on his way to do GREAT things.

Fast forward to this past summer, I saw merchandise of him all over coffee mugs and t-shirts in the NBC store, only to find out that he was a some show called “Community.” I was SUPER HAPPY for him!

So imagine how SHOCKED I was 3 weeks ago when he came by the show…not only to explain why he said some of the things he said on social media, but to also say he has left “Community” as well.

What was also surprising, he walked right up to me and said, “Do you REMEMBER ME?” As he gave me the tightest hug, smiling, and saying…”I was HOPING you did, because YOU remind me of a cool, loving aunt.”

I said, “Wow…that’s nice to say, because I LOVE my nieces and nephews.” “And the next time you come back, I’m gonna fry you some chicken like I do for them.” He put on another big smile and said, “FOR REAL? OKAY!”

He’s working on a new album, but I do think he’ll end up back on tv? YES! I just wish I would of given him my phone number so we can stay in touch periodically.

I know I’m not his mom, nor am I his “aunt” but I can tell sometimes when a person can use someone in their corner who just WANTS TO listen to what their going through while frying them a mean piece of chicken.

LOVE YOU (adopted nephew) Donald Glover! And I got that chicken ready for you. xoxo