When “LOVE THAT GIRL” first made it’s debut on TVONE, I was extremely happy for Tatyana Ali and Martin Lawrence.

Tatyana, because WHO hasn’t LOVED her since “FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR?” And I was happy for Martin because I’m ALWAYS happy when I see actors “executive” producing projects.

From the moment I began watching the show, I IMMEDIATELY knew…”Martin brought back a millennium” Sheneneh when I saw Bresha Webb as “Imunique.”

Clearly, she was the break out star of the sitcom…so when the show went on a LONG hiatus (after Tatyanna left) I wondered WHAT was going to happen to “Imunique?”

Well, question answered: SHE’S BACK! And starring in the show and ironically Tatyanna is now also serving as a “producer” although her character is no longer visible.

It was really nice to meet Bresha. She’s a down to earth Baltimore, Maryland girl who is full of energy and personality: I see how she NAILED the audition for “Imunique.”

What’s even more interesting though, I had the opportunity to watch her (actor’s) reel and she’s a strong dramatic actress as well.

I didn’t realize she had been in so many different shows because she looks and sounds COMPLETELY different in person that she does on screen.

I have a GOOD feeling about her! I can tell by talking to her she’s PASSIONATE about her gifts, however she’s a down to earth who represents “B-More” to the fullest.

I didn’t want to insult her in any way by asking if she gets compared to Taraji P. Henson a lot (I LOVE Taraji) but I saw some similarities just in the “genuine-ness.”

I wish Bresha “THE BEST.” Even more so, I wish I get to see her and Taraji work together one day…They would make GREAT sisters on screen.