It probably wasn’t the best idea to tell Bilal that…”I thought you were dark skin” when I met him, but I REALLY did! It also didn’t help that I followed that by..”I’m glad you ain’t dark skin.” Sway just shook his head at me, but what I told Bilal was, because had I not known, I would of been looking for a dark skin dude. I don’t know….it came out wrong; LOL! BUT…it broke the ice. What was also cool, was that he told me people think he’s dark skin because of the video “Soul Sista.” Bilal is not the typical artist you would hear on a hip hop station, but he came through and performed an acoustic set that was DOPE! I had the opportunity to ask him, “HOW do you stay motivated as an artist when things aren’t going so great and you’re out the spotlight?” And he said…”I am just PASSIONATE about what I do. About music period. I don’t do it for spotlight.” “No matter what’s going on, I’m constantly still working on my passion.”