Back in the day, it was CRAZY being down with Boogie Down Productions and being a fan of Big Daddy Kane at the same time.

If you know your hip-hop history, Kane was down with THE JUICE CREW&KRS-ONE dissed The Juice Crew with his legendary battle record…”THE BRIDGE IS OVER.”

Once The Juice Crew dismantled though, Kane went on to have a superb solo career and made some CLASSIC hip hop joints that will never get old.

I remember jumping on stage&freestylin one night at a club in the city: Just so happen…Kane was in the crowd.

After I got off stage, there were a few people that came up to me and gave me props, but I was NOT prepared for KANE coming up to me outside of the club and telling me to my face…”YOU HAVE MASTERED THE DRUNKEN LADY style.” LOL!!!

He hugged me afterwards…and told me to keep up the good work! I reminded him of his words when he came to the show recently and he cracked up laughing&told me that he’d ALWAYS liked my work.

WOW! They may not mean much to some folks out there, but I still remember me&my brother Jetta sitting up at night listening to the radio&arguing over WHO was better: KRS-ONE, KANE, or RAKIM.

Not in a MILLION YEARS would I ever imagine that KRS-ONE would become my one of my mentors, KANE would tell me he was a fan, and RAKIM say to me, “YO Heva B… respect due to you Ma!” Haha!!!

Yo…If you don’t believe GOD is real, I really don’t know what else to tell you then; cause THAT’S a TRUE STORY!