I thought Ashanti was coming by to chat it up about her new album&her breakup with Nelly, but boy was I WRONG!

She came by because she has snagged a role on the new season of Army Wives…A show that I don’t watch. It’s not that I don’t think I would like the show, it’s just that up until Ashanti came in…I never really gave it a second thought.

Off-air it was interesting talking to her because you forget HOW LONG she’s been in the game. Remember the whole Jah Rule era? J-Lo Reign? and Murder Inc Movement? Ashanti was RIGHT THERE writing those songs and cashing those checks.

I asked her how does it feel when she sees Rihanna, Ciara, and all the so-called new girls…Do you feel pressure to compete?

Her answers quickly remind you of her “verteran” status because she was diplomatic about her answers. I do believe she wishes everyone well, but I also know that the artist in her is like…”Chick PLEASE. Ya’ll wanna act like ya’ll forgot?” LOL!

She was also diplomatic when it came to answering questions about Nelly as well. If I didn’t know better, I would think that they had NEVER dated.

Maybe she was advised to take the high road…which is always best, but DAM ASHANTI you ain’t gonna address him or none of the rumors???

All she would say is that, “Elephants don’t swat at flies.” Sway is so CRAZY…he asked her “WHAT does that mean?” And I interjected and said…”She’s saying she’s too big for the small stuff.” She agreed.

Good for her. I hope it all works out. I don’t know why her&Nelly broke up, but I do know her new album is going to be titled “BRAVEHEART.” With that title like THAT&her being a songwriter I’m sure the (Nelly) stories will be in the songs.