Okay….so I had to be “hipped” to the whole A$AP movement. For those of you that don’t know about it…like I didn’t. The A$AP MOB is a crew of rappers, producers, artists, and “tastemakers” if you will. The A$AP crew got started in Harlem, NY where the founder A$AP Rocky who is having major success as a solo artist himself. Now, don’t get it twisted A$AP doesn’t stand for what you think it stands for, (As Soon As Possible) their meaning for the word is different which is…Always Strive And Prosper: How can you not like that? So when one of the A$AP Mob members came by…A$AP Ferg (who is doing his thing as an artist& as a clothing designer) I asked him to give me an “A$AP name” since he seemed to like my hugs…So he affectionately named me: A$AP “Boo-Boo.” LoL!