WHAT A DAY at work this was! Ms. B as I like to call her was not scheduled to do SWAY IN THE MORNING the day she came to Sirius, however I have friends in high places so I called in a favor.

Larry Flick who is the host of “THE MORNING JOLT” at Sirius was interviewing her and I asked if I could “sit in” and observe his interview: He IMMEDIATELY said YES!!!

My father ALWAYS tells me, “Be WILLING to learn.” “NEVER be afraid to ask questions.” “Don’t just sit there, shrugging your shoulders…and being comfortable with NOT KNOWING.”

I wanted to know HOW Larry (who is a GREAT interviewer) would approach an interview of that magnitude.

I wanted to know if he would get personal. Be funny. I wanted to know if she would INTIMIDATE him. I mean c’mon, she played Tina Turner!

She walked in and my goodness…she’s tiny, but her aura is POWERFUL. She looked in my direction as I sat in the corner, I smiled…but I was STRICTLY there to learn: I don’t even think I said hello. LOL!

What’s interesting about her is that her voice is calming and soft, but forceful. Her eyes make you want to know MORE about her, but somehow you just KNOW she’ll tell you…”Ummm, that’s none of your business.”

And my word…I’m not into to girls, but her body is SICK! If I did get a chance to ask her ANYTHING…I wanted to know if she eats fried foods.

Larry conducted the interview masterfully, they talked…they laughed: He even told her she was intimidating which made her laugh even more.

After the interview was over, Larry explained to Ms. B who I was…and told her that I wanted to sit in and “observe.”

She smiled and said, “Hi Heather…Nice to meet you.” AND that’s when it dawned on me, I did have ANOTHER question for her!

Me: Ummm, I actually met you before.

Ms. B: Really? WHERE???

Me: At Melba’s in Harlem.

Ms. B: WHAT??? MELBA”S! I LOVE MELBA’S!!! Were we there at the same time?

Me: Yeah…Sorta. Well, I’m actually a celebrity mixologist as well. You and your friends came in one night; Melba wasn’t there, but I made you&your friends some of my Sangria!


Me: Yeah! And it was TOO STRONG at first, but then I had to tell you to stir it up.

Ms. B: YES! YES! I remember that!!! Girl, that food was good too. You still there?

Me: No. Radio has me full time now, but I still make drinks.

Ms. B: (Cracks up laughing again!)

Me: Ummmm, ANGELA?…Do you mind taking a picture with me? We BOTH got on red…I think we’ll look hot in it together.

Ms. B: OF COURSE! C’mon!