I like to watch boxing, but I had NEVER heard of Adrien Broner until YESTERDAY! (2-12-13) During the interview he mentioned how boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather was his mentor/big brother and then a minute later I saw the similarities. Adrien has a fight on Saturday in Atlantic City and when Sway asked his opponentabout…his “Floyd” came out! > Dressed in ALL designer gear, he popped junk while NEVER taking his shades off. It was hysterical. He also had an entourage with him of about 15…and I MUST say his “crew” was very nice. I found out he was from Ohio and that he also raps, but I didn’t get a chance to see if he was married, had kids, etc. because he was “too busy lookin’ good for the cameras! Lol I’m gonna check him out on Saturday because his “I’m the baddest” talk…has me curious. I really hope though…his mouth didn’t write a check “his hands” can’t cash! FYI> He ended up beating the stew out of his oppenent (Rees) AND after the fight somebody came into the ring to brush his hair. LOL!!!