Pharell Williams

I think it was so funny how folks just a little bit older than me…didn’t know who Pharrell Williams was until “Happy” came out.

For my generation, we go back with Pharrell from The Neptunes and producing for Nore and other hip hop artists.

What I didn’t know about Pharrell though prior to him stopping by the show, was that he studied under legendary producer, Teddy Riley.

It makes sense, being that they’re both from Virginia that they would work together…I just can’t figure out WHY I hadn’t heard about it until recently.

I wanted to tell Pharrell that I remembered being in the same elevator with him years ago at a NYC hotel, but I spared myself the awkward, “I don’t remember that.” LOL

The funny thing was, he actually spoke to me in the elevator with his friends, but I didn’t wanna risk the embarrassment of him not remembering.

I remembered though; And because of the elevator incident I always rooted for Pharrell.

I’m not sure what the future holds for him, but I’m glad to know after finally sitting down and talking to him that he’s enjoying marriage, fatherhood, success, and ALL that GOD has blessed him with.

Cheers to Pharrell! You can’t be nothing but Happy for him.

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