Magic Johnson

Honestly, how can you not LOVE Magic Johnson?

Yes, his health issue was the topic of conversation many moons ago…but now ALL anyone can talk about is HOW much of a business man he is.

From real estate to owning the Dodgers…I wish I’d had more time with him to simply ask, “WHO DID YOU LEARN FROM?”

Hands down, Magic Johnson is one of THE NICEST people I’ve met and had the opportunity to speak to in the business. In fact, his suggestion of, “Sway I likes her…You need to bring her with you!” Is the reason I got to All-Star weekend in New Orleans in February 2014.

I didn’t get the chance to tell Magic he’s the reason I LOVE basketball, however I did have a chance to ask to sign balls for my husband, brother, and nephew.

AND FYI…When I asked he said…NO PROBLEM!


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