I had a very challenging week.

I started hosting&bartending my weekly NFL parties each Sunday since the football season started on Sept. 8th and quite frankly…I feel like I need a body double.

Between meeting w/sponsors, promoting the event, creating drink recipes, dealing with the venue, waking up at 4:30am, going on auditions, the radio show, prepping for a film festival (YES!The film we did: Jeremy Rall&I has been accepted into a film festival) conference calls, emails, texts messages, being a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, an auntie, a sister, a friend, AND trying to be a GOOD PERSON…I’ve easily asked myself 20 times this week, “AND…You’re doing this for WHAT???”

And it seems when “time” is challenging you, so are PEOPLE. It felt like I ran into 5 idiots a day. Get overs were coming out the woodworks. Snakes were climbing out their pits. And the rats were peeking out their holes to see WHAT they can take back and bring to the nest. Uggh!!!

A few times, especially when I clearly recognized the get overs, snakes, and rats…I felt like striking back. There’s ALWAYS that moment when someone irrates you to the point where you can easily “black out” on them, and feel NO WAY about it.

A day after my near “black-out” I was on the phone with a good friend of mine who lives in D.C. I was telling him how “frustrated” people were making me and I felt some form of revenge brewing in my mind.

Without a missing a beat, he said…”H.B. Don’t let YOUR BLACK, stop you from YOUR GREEN.” “Handle your business.” “You ain’t got time for revenge, silly people, and non sense no more.” “You’re smart enough to recognize WHAT it is and WHO they are.” “Deal with it accordingly.” “Don’t let these fools mess up what you trying to do.” Man, he’s right. How did I, FORGET THAT???

I guess somewhere during the week, I became bothered by what “other” people were doing. Showing up late, yet I feel I HAVE TO be early. Constantly asking& borrowing, while I feel the need to be prepared.” Non-chalant attitudes, vs. my “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” frame of mind. I just felt I was being tested at every end, including physically; Even my doctor told, “Stress” is causing your blood pressure to rise.” Great. More B.S!

I went home after my doctor’s visit and told GOD…”I was sorry.” Sorry for allowing myself to become distracted by what other people do, think, or say who are not a part of MY PROMISE. During my prayer time, I realized that “certain people” depending on what THEIR PROMISE is, HAVE TO be on time. HAVE TO be prepared. AND…HAVE TO have a GREAT ATTITUDE.

When you’re working and walking towards YOUR PROMISE, you also HAVE TO know….Certain distractions are the enemy’s tactics: (to keep you from YOUR PROMISE.) YOUR PROMISE is from GOD. It’s not going ANYWHERE. However, YOU MUST do your part. And doing your part is understanding that there are so many sour and spiteful people out there who are living in fear, and fear produces anger.

FAITH and DISCIPLINE are powerful spirits. Folks who have chosen NOT to accept their promise, truly fear your faith&discipline. You have to know, a lot of times you’ve done NOTHING WRONG: And people aren’t necessarily mad AT YOU, however…they are in fear of what YOUR FAITH and THE DISCIPLINE under GOD’S favor will do!

So imagine: If you’re doing EVERYTHING you are suppose to be doing in faith, under GOD’S favor and PROMISE: WHO CARES what someone else is doing? Especially, it doesn’t affect YOUR PROMISE! WHY allow yourself to become distracted with small talk and massive egos?…When at the snap of a finger GOD can&will humble ANYBODY out! Including YOU!

My lesson for this week eventually became simple. NO ONE truly knows what anyone goes through on the road to THEIR PROMISE.

Everything looks so fascinating on the outside. But did you KNOW…That person’s pressure is up? That they…Forgot to call a dear friend for their birthday? That they…Haven’t sat down and spoken to their spouse? Haven’t spoken to their parents? Haven’t spoken to their siblings? Find out via text that a friend’s sister passed away? AND the list goes ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ON!!!!!!!!!

GOD ain’t stupid. HE PROMISED YOU…WHAT is YOURS. HE designed and equipped YOU for what YOU can handle and accurately respond to. So focus on YOUR PROMISE and be an instrument in helping others receive theirs!

AND…The next time you feel like seeking revenge or you’re feeling envious and praying that you get someone else’s PROMISE, make sure you want their problems too.



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