Okay, so I haven’t seen every episode of “ENTOURAGE.” In fact, I only caught a few episodes here and there; BUT from the first time I watched it…”Ari Gold” aka (actor) JEREMY PIVEN got my attention.

At first I was like, “YO!!! There’s the funny dude who played the gay character in Rush Hour 2! I know that’s HORRIBLE, but he was so convincing as a gay man…That I didn’t recognize he was same guy who was in Don King: Made In America and a (classic) Seinfeld episode.

As “Ari” he won the world (and a few Emmy’s) over portraying a cocky and conniving agent, yet the show was based on a young movie star&his childhood friends from NY, as they make their way to and through Hollywood.

Jeremy (who looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT now) came to the show to promote “Mr. Selfridge.” It’s his new tv show about Harry Gordon Selfridge (played by Piven) and his London department store Selfridge&Co. Long story short, Selfridge was a retail magnate who coined the phrase “the customer is always right,” yet his personal decisions and lifestyle were not…”right.”

The new show and character seemed interesting (reason for his beard, etc.) but all anyone could talk about was “ENTOURAGE”…and surprisingly Jeremy’s love of hip hop.

“I listen to just about everyone.” “I like the old, the new…and even some underground stuff.” I’m NEVER surprised when celebrities say Jay Z, Biggie, Rick Ross or Nas, but when someone says “SAIGON” I’m like…OK, you’ve been doing some homework.

I’ve been BLESSED to meet A-List celebrities over the years, but I must say…it SHOCKED me how “down to earth” and entourage-less Jeremy was. For him to be an A-Lister I couldn’t believe how he came in minus the security and ASSISTANTS. Rumor has it that he’s notoriously CHEAP, but I gotta tell you…I can feel&spot good fabric ANYWHERE: And trust me, the jacket&scarf Jeremy was rockin’ is a mortgage payment.

I’ve said before how crazy it is to see “rappers” walk around with tons of jewelry on. Lables all over their clothes or mentioned in their music; And a bunch of people hanging around doing GOD KNOWS WHAT. And then when you see a guy (who’s reportedly worth 15 million) walk around by himself&logo-less…it makes you wonder, “Who’s doing it right?”

In an interview recently, I was asked…”What has changed most since The Real World?”

It would of been easier for me to say “marriage or career,” but the truth is “The biggest change was….my circle.”

I used to be around so many people until I learned that, so-called “success” can be harder for the folks AROUND you. Whether it’s jealousy, insensitive comments, or their own insecurites…sometimes it’s the people around you, that can make your accomplishments comfortable or chaotic. I’m by myself ALOT more now and the relationships I do have are guilt free!

Tonight, I would like to encourage you to review your entourage; Especially while your on your road to “success.” Even if it means spending more time with you, you have to become more mindful of WHO is constantly around you. Trust me; The constant complainer, The constant reminder of “the good ol’ days and/or the constant complimentor can easily become your constant distraction!



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