CHRIS BROWN. Where do I start?

Rihanna? The infamous fight? Their relationship? The recent fight with Frank Ocean? The old fight with Drake? The new diss rhyme about Drake? The rumors? The media? WHERE?????

Believe or not, we started with STEVE HARVEY: And here’s WHY>>>

Because when people (like me) came down on Chris for his much publicized behavior, (the Rihanna fight in particular) Steve came on the show and said, “Folks need to get their foot off Chris’s neck.”

He also said, “As long as GOD forgives you..And you learn how to forgive yourself: It don’t matter what anybody else thinks.”

I suggested to Sway that we “play that” for Chris>>> #1. To see his reaction. And #2. To see if he has “forgiven himself.”

*WE PLAYED IT…AND Chris looked like he saw a GHOST!

The first thing he said was, “WOW…Where was Steve 4 years ago when I was going through that?” (shook his head) Then said, “THANK YOU STEVE HARVEY!”

*ME? (In my head) DAM! That fight w/Rihanna was 4 YEARS ago???



He said she’s a “regular” girl and they do “regular” things; Although he confessed…”Initally I used to “play her.” “We had radio tours together when I was about 16 and she would want to come sit in on my interviews.” “I would make her sit outside.” “I didn’t know what to do.” “I was the light skin kid that danced&sang; I didn’t think she liked that.”

Well clearly she did, and a caller ended up asking about their future and he said…”I’m not thinking about MARRIAGE or KIDS.” “I’m focused on music.” And then reminded us…”I’m only 23!”

*ME? (In my head) DAM! He’s only 23? Feels like he’s been around FOREVER! AND…He’s known Rihanna since he was 16??? NO wonder they’re so “CRAZY in Love!”
They were like High School SweetHearts MINUS high school, but ADD social media.


We didn’t ask him if he smoked, but he admitted…”I light one when I go to write sometimes.”

*ME? (In my head) STOP PLAYING yo…You KNOW you do more than that! LOL But, Steve Harvey said “Get ya’ll foot off his neck” so I’ll chill.


So we all know they had that bottle throwing malee in a club last year, but NOW Chris has decided to put out a rhyme telling Drake to…”Come out the closet!” Chris’s response to that was…”Drake shouldn’t take me seriously as a rapper, I’m a singer.” “I don’t think it’ll go anywhere.”

ME? (In my head) Well, WHY THE HELL YOU SAY IT? Do you really STILL CARE that Drake slept w/Rihanna when ya’ll weren’t together??? Oh..that’s right, he’s 23.

I stepped back for a minute through the interview and just WATCHED him. His mannerisms, his eyes, how many times he smiled…the little things.
Honestly, all I saw was…a kid. A talented kid. And a successful kid, who unfortunately HAS TO now become a man in front of THE WORLD.

I looked at the entourage he had with him and I wondered WHO tells him NO. WHO differentiates between right&wrong as he told THIS story, “I didn’t want to rent a car for my new video (“FINE CHINA”) so I used ONE of my own cars…..” “The 8 HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR one.”

ME? (In my head) DAM! WHOOOOOOO let you buy a $800,000 car? And DAM….How much money YOU got????


We also played a clip from Mike Tyson explaining how “The media” has A bigger F-YOU finger than you do.”

We didn’t even have to elaborate on what Mike meant by that because Chris agreed instantly.

Like Mike, he felt the wrath of the “monster” and I guess they’ve both been picking up the pieces since. I’m not sure if it was the clip or Mike Tyson himself, but he finally opened up about making mistakes and how he’s TRYING to grow and “DO BETTER.”

Out of ALL the questions and clips THAT ONE seemed to have struck a chord, because after the interview someone from his entourage said, “Chris NEEDED to see HIMSELF through the media’s eyes.” “Seeing himself over&over again like THAT…MADE him ask himself, “WHAT AM I DOING?” It made him say…”I LOOK CRAZY.”

I also found out…The artists that he works with&signs, he doesn’t take any publishing money from them. (In THIS industry that’s RARE, because most executives do.)

Is Chris Brown a saint? NO, but WHO IS? Did he make a huge mistake at 19? YEP, but WHO hasn’t? Is he still making mistakes? YEP, but WHO ain’t? How many of us though are having EVERY move, mistake, tweet, and appearance documented for the world to see? NOT MANY.

We ran out of time, but I wanted TO ASK Chris…”If you could give advice to Justin Beiber, WHAT would you tell him?”

ME? (In my head) I feel like “The Beeb” is about to meet “the (media) monster” real soon.

And I wanted TO SAY to Chris…”At some point, we ALL have to forgive ourselves for SOMETHING: And after you do, Your actions will speak louder than your words.


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