Ok so…I don’t wanna talk about Django and here’s WHY?

A. I haven’t seen it.

B. I’m sick of people talking about how many times the N-Word was used.

C. IT’S A MOVIE! We have a choice: See it or Not. I choose not (for now) because it’s 2 hours and 45 minutes: LIES!!!


D. I’ll tell you in a few:

What I do wanna chat about though…Is meeting Quentin Tarantino and being prepared to audition and do a 5 minute monologue for him, so I can be in his NEXT movie! I was thinking “KILL BILL IV” (3 is coming in 2014) as a Murderous Mixologist. Or “JACKIE BROWN”…Goes to Harlem (I mean Harlem is poppin’ right now). Or “RESEVIOR” DIVAS. (Ms. Loubiton, Ms. Gucci, Ms. Jimmy Choo, etc.) You get the hook, I was ready and had it ALL thought out.

Okay, so Quentin comes in…And I don’t know WHAT I was expecting to hear, but when he opened his mouth the voice of a 1970’s, jive-talker, came out. I wasn’t sure if he did the reverse “bi-lingual” thing and used a “cool-voice” because he was on a hip-hop show AND left that “other voice” (I’ve heard him speak in on tv) back at one of those “I gotta get this money for my movie” meeting.

What was clear to me and what I appreciated was…

*He spoke freely about his movies, characters, and language choices; And he unapologetic about them.

*He doesn’t give a dam WHAT his critics think.


*He shared that SYDNEY POITIER is a FATHER FIGURE to him. (He calls him for advice, etc.)

After taking ALL of that in…(And a few other things) I was READY! Ready for my audition/monologue AND wouldn’t you know it> TIME WAS UP! I couldn’t audition. Couldn’t show him my skills. Quentin and Sway spent so much time yappin and telling ALL the spoilers in DJANGO that, and here’s my D…..THAT D. I don’t have to see it anymore! LOL!!!

When he was leaving out though, he gave me hug and TOOK that opportunity to showcase my talents and tell him what my intentions were…Check out the script> TRUE STORY!

(Opening Scene: HB approaches Quentin)

HB: Quentin, I wore a great shirt for you.
(Quentin notices and gives HB that “oooh mama” look)

HB: (continues) Do you mind taking a picture with me on the CASTING COUCH?
THAT WAY…You’ll think of me for you next film.

Quentin: OF COURSE! I LOVE your shirt by the way!

HB: You do? Cool.
(HB gives Quentin that “oooh daddy” look)

Quentin: YES!!!…THAT shirt is GREAT.

(HB&QUENTIN sit on the couch. Hug really tight. Take 2 photos)



Man, people can say what they want about Quentin Tarantino…he’s alright in my book. Unless dude calls me the n-word to my face or makes some ignorant statement about ALL black people; I really don’t care WHAT kind of movies he makes. Those are HIS choices and he has to defend them. We can either support the films or not, we also have a choice.

As for me and Quentin’s NEXT movie…I ain’t worried; He’s coming back to the show. And when he does, I’m coming dressed as a FOXY BROWN! And not the rapper, I’m talking the ORIGINAL, the LEGEND…PAM GRIER! (He’ll get the hook then.) LOL!!!


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