There aren’t too many days you get to talk to a BILLIONAIRE. I’ve met and hung out with millionaires, even multi-millionaires, but a BILLIONAIRE??? Naw.

Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks OWNER) strolled into the studio wearing jeans, a sweater, and a coat that looked like he found in the BACK of a closet. He had no body guards, no assistants, no publicists, NOTHING…just him, his brain, and those BILLIONS.

Smiling ear to ear, he sat himself down while I was in the middle of doing sports and reporting that Dr. Jerry Buss (LAKERS owner) died Monday, Feb. 18th. I began to explain how “Jerry Buss” will be greatly missed when Mark jumped right in and said, “ABSOLUTELY!” “He was my friend and he SUPPORTED ME when I was trying to become an owner.” “The powers that be were giving me a hard time, but Jerry made me hang in there and told me “they did the same thing to me.” It was the PERFECT segway into music…so we played some songs.

Off air I noticed how much he was boppin his head to the music, so I asked him…”Who’s your favorite rapper?” I just knew he was gonna say Jay-Z, but instead he said, “It’s hard to narrow it down because I listen to everything from “MEEK MILL to RICK ROSS.” I wanted to get into HOW he stumbled across “MEEK” but before I could we were back on air and waiting for him to respond to a caller that asked, “Do you even TOUCH your money?” Implying that, he has lawyers, etc. so he doesn’t really handle his finances. Mark QUICKLY answered, “If YOU had 2 BILLION DOLLARS…Would you let ANYONE ELSE touch it?” LOL!!! Laughter broke out, but I was thinking…Man, he got too much game, I hope NOBODY else calls and asks him about his money.”

The next caller wanted to know if Mark could give any business advice…Especially when buying a house. Mark said, “It doesn’t matter WHAT business you’re in or what you’re buying, when you walk into any meeting LOOK FOR THE SUCKER IN THE ROOM.” ” And if you don’t see one…most likely YOU’RE IT: So you BETTER do your research, and KNOW that field.”

The more he talked, the more I thought about the rappers who run around with entourages, crazy jewelry own, and wearing every logo. More than 80% of them ain’t millionaires, yet BILLIONAIRE MARK CUBAN is walking around like he’s selling vacum cleaners door to door. I asked him what he thought of certain artists and how they handle their “celebrity?” And he simply said, “Some artist are MORE focused on being a CELEBRITY than an artist.”

I agree with him. And I now see how folks stop doing “the research” and can no longer recognize “the sucker in the room.” I’m not sure what set of rules BILLIONAIRES play by, but being privy to Mark Cuban’s brain for a half hour definitely reminded me that, “There is one born EVERY minute…And EVERY business deal has one: So, you better make sure it ain’t YOU!”



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