Because I LOVED hip-hop back in the day, there was no room in my tape deck for Vanilla Ice. His music wasn’t what people generally consider “offensive,” but for the purist, Vanilla Ice was offensive to hip-hop.

EVERY party outside of the hood, award show, commercial radio and video outlet blasted “ICE ICE BABY” until somehow you may have found yourself singin’ along. LOL! Believe it or not that some came out 23 YEARS ago and since then I’ve heard Vanilla Ice’s name attached to Madonna, Suge Knight, and all types of craziness, so I had NO IDEA why he was coming to the show; But once he started talking…WOW!

Let’s start here: Vanilla Ice is STILL doing EXTREMELY well. And I’m not talking a few hundred thou; I’m talking somewhere between 10 and 20 MILLION well! Apparently he found a niche in real-estate. And not only does he buy homes, he also renovates them and then resells for a huge profit: That’s how he ended up with “THE VANILLA ICE PROJECT” tv show.

And YES…We asked him about Madonna, Suge Knight, the suicide rumors, and even MC HAMMER and here’s what he had to say:

Madonna? “I dated her for a hot minute. She was a sweet girl, but my wife of 15 years don’t like me talking about that.” LOL! (He also has 2 kids.)

Suge Knight? Rumor has it that Suge Knight extorted him for money by holding him over a balcony until he signed the paper work over. Vanilla Ice said, “Suge NEVER held me over a balcony. I was CLEAR as to WHO Suge was. He was actually nice about what he wanted from me. LOL! I’m not bitter about it, but I feel like the money I gave him helped make great music…Snoop, Tupac, etc.”

Suicide? “The money never mattered to me. I had a bad weekend once and I tried to end my life with a 100 MILLION DOLLARS in the bank.” “But we are who we are NOW because of who we were.” “And I’m good now.”

MC HAMMER? “I could of ended up like Hammer, but THANK GOD I made some GREAT investments. NO disrespect to Hammer, I love him, he’s a great guy, BUT people do end up like that.”

It’s funny because after he left I thought about how much we clowned him&Hammer back in the day for “selling-out.” They did commercials, movies, tv shows, cartoons, had dolls, danced, were on pop radio, MTV, etc. but then I look at some of the “artists” out right now and aren’t most of them doing some of the same things? Rappers too!

I NEVER thought the day would come where I would give PROPS to VANILLA ICE, but that day is here! And the main reason why is because of something else he said:
“I was 16 when I wrote ICE ICE BABY. I had no idea what I was doing, I was just doing WHAT I LOVED and it crossed over.” “I had some dark clouds over me at one point, but you know what?….I made it through.”

Now to me, Folks can call him a “sell-out” or even a one hit wonder, but a person that does “what they love” and are able “make it through” the dark clouds are WORTHY of props!


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