Let’s toast to…TRUE COLORS


Long before Maya Angelou or Oprah professed…”When people show you who they are, BELIEVE them; I’ve heard my grandmother say, “Call a spade, a spade.” When I was younger I didn’t get, but as I got older…let’s just say, I met alot of “spades.”

Why is it when we see people’s behavior we think…”OH, they would NEVER do that to me.” Or worse…we make excuses for it. The TRUTH is, At some point you will see everybody’s TRUE COLORS. I’m not gonna lie, there were times I was so hurt by “friends” actions that I broke down and cried; for days. Times when I questioned what type of friend I was to deserve some of the “things” that I’ve received, until I learned…I am not responsible for ANYONE’S behavior; Only for my response.

Cyndi Lauper came by the show last Friday and I couldn’t wait to tell her these 3 things:

1. I thought she was more original than Madonna, but not better promoted.

2. The song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is one of my anthems. (I be KILLIN it at kareokee.)


3. I wanted to thank her for the awareness and the freedom that the song, “True Colors” provided.

Cyndi talked and talked so much about her husband, her kid, and her new reality show that I never got a chance to tell her ANY of those things, but after she left I thought about how many years it has taken me to find and get comfortable with showing my “true colors.” I thought about ALL the years I lost being uncomfortable, awkward, doubtful, worried, angry, and worst of all AFRAID. If you are a believer, you will understand when I say that one day GOD said to me, “IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT “THEY THINK.”

So many times we hide our true selves because we are afraid of what the response from “they” may be. My uncle used to always say, “When you show me who THEY are, then I’ll give a F*%#! LOL!!! And the truth is…WHO are THEY? “Friends” and “Followers” on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram? LIES!!!

Most people base success on fame and money, and if that be the case…I’ve been so-called “successful” since I was 19; I haven’t been “TRUE” though until I released the awkwardness, the doubt, the anger, and the fear!

I’m not saying that I don’t get nervous, concerned, or angry…I’m just saying that, NONE of those feelings STOP ME anymore from being my true self. The best thing about all of it though? Accepting and correcting my truths, helped me to make better decisions; Have better relationships and it helped me to see other folks “true colors.”

I wasn’t sad that I didn’t get a chance to say certain things to Cyndi, but I couldn’t resist busting out MY version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” when she was about to leave out. Picture this though> There was NO MUSIC. NO kareokee machine. AND I was jumping up and down like I was in the video, but HOW many times do you get sing that songin front of CYNDI LAUPER herself??? Okay, so as I living my moment…Sway stared at me shaking his head. Her people started gathering her things. And the other people in the room were laughing…probably at me, but WHO CARES! The question is…What did Cyndi do?

Ms. Lauper looked at me. Smiled. And the legend sang along: “ The phone rings in the middle of night, my father yells what your gonna do with your life…” “Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number 1, but girls just wanna have fun-unnn!” Honestly, it made my DAY and I will NEVER forget it! She hugged me so tight when she was leaving out, that I told her “THANK YOU for always being YOU!”

I’m toasting to everyone that knows and LOVES their “TRUE COLORS”….It’s a beautiful thing!


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