Like for real…Not too many people warrant the phrase “WOW!” (in the good way) but chatting over drinks with DAN AYKROYD (I made them as well) was a WOW-OW!-OW!

He came by to promote Crystal Head Vodka, but how do you meet DAN AYKROYD and not talk about SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, THE BLUES BROTHERS, GHOST BUSTERS, and one of my FAVORITE movies of all-time…”TRADING PLACES!”

Dan was FULL of surprises. First of all, I didn’t know he owned that vodka with the skull-head bottle. I would see it ALL THE TIME, but I never tried it because I don’t buy things with skulls on them. (FYI>>> His vodka is good though.) Add to that, while he was talking about his vodka he also said….”I smoke (weed) to deal with some of the aches&pains I have from bumping my head alot.”

*NOTE…He said he bumps his head alot because he’s TALL.
(He MIGHT be 5″10….Is that tall for a man? I’m just saying. Lol!)

It’s rare to get someone to admit that they do ANY drugs, but surprisingly Dan also said, “I tried cocaine during my Saturday Night Live days, but I didn’t like it.” Then added, “Powder&pills are particularly dangerous.”


Dan also owns “THE HOUSE OF BLUES” clubs that are all over the country. Yes, I know he was in “THE BLUES BROTHERS,” but I didn’t know he was the brains&money behind “THE HOUSE OF BLUES” franchise. Crazy Right? I also didn’t know that he co-wrote BLUES BROTHERS 2000 (I didn’t see it) but I will go see him in his new “GHOSTBUSTERS” film that he spilled the beans about.

I wasn’t surprised that he called “Eddie Murphy” a genius, when he talked about working with him on “TRADING PLACES” but what I didn’t realize was, “TRADING PLACES was one of Eddie’s FIRST films.” Dan also went on to say, “It’s been fascinating watching him turn into a full blown MOVIE STAR.”

I wanted to talk more about “TRADING PLACES” with Dan because that movie helped change my perception of people. Watching a rich man turn poor&a poor man turn rich was the PERFECT visual for that old saying…”You don’t know a man until you walk in his shoes.”


With “TRADING PLACES” so fresh on my brain even days after the interview, how ironic was it that Sway then tells me he’ll be out for the rest of the week&I have to “sit in his seat” while he’s gone.

I LOVE Sway&I am so PROUD of him. The fact that he went from getting a quarter-a-day for lunch IN HIGH SCHOOL to interviewing THE PRESIDENT in THE OVAL OFFICE is…MIND BLOWIN; But I don’t want to trade places with him. LOL!

He&I often say to one another, “Yo..I don’t know HOW YOU do it!” He has 3 positions at MTV. A radio show. And he’s a father.
I’m an outspoken artist, wife and christian (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) that likes to drink&tell stories.

You know it’s funny, people often say to ME…”You have a cool job, etc.” And make no mistake, I am BEYOND GRATEFUL to GOD for the life HE has provided for me, but clearly folks only see the “green grass.” In the entertainment business, there are months…sometimes YEARS in between gigs and when you do get one, you have NO IDEA how long it will last.

I realized this past week “sitting in Sway’s seat,” any compliments that I’ve EVER gotten about my work on the show is because…I’m not trying to be Sway! GOD already got a Sway…LOL HE needs the rest of us to be US! We get so caught up in trying to mimic or “out-do” folks, that we sometimes “miss-out” on WHO we are truly meant to be.

You can be jealous of folks or you can admire them, but the fact is…GOD has only equipped YOU to be YOU. You can be a mediocre you or a BEST you, the choice is yours…However, you will NEVER find out WHO YOU ARE if you’re constantly trying to be someone else.



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