For 5 days a week, I’m BLESSED to be able to do what I love…in terms of work. We have a great team; And off air, Sway spends MOST of the morning making us laugh talking about going to the bathroom…AND how hungry he is. By 12pm each day when the show ends, I’m already HOME (in my head) wondering WHAT I’ll be making for dinner and WHY people that do morning radio have to be up so early? FYI> My wake up time: 3:30AM!

My schedule is pretty tight, so when Sway asked me to stay to “sit in” on the TOWN HALL that he was doing with comedian KEVIN HART, all I could think was, “WHY YOU PLAYING?” I immediately started counting my “sleep hours” but before I could ask, What time was the town hall? He said, “HB…You know, I had to learn that I couldn’t let work stop me from missing out on some life things.” Dam, why he had to go all Socrates or SOMEBODY on me? Well, WHOEVER said that crap, it worked…because I FELT I needed stay.

I wasn’t really sure WHAT I was gonna get out of this Town Hall. I mean I LOVE Kevin Hart, but Town Hall’s (at the station) are for lucky subscribers who get to sit in the interview with the celebrity and ask LIVE questions. Sway was moderating, and since Kevin’s new show…”The Real Husbands of Hollywood” just dropped, I’m thinking..”Well anything I want to ask him, I can ask on SWAY IN THE MORNING.”

Man, let me tell you something…WHATEVER plans you think you have in your head, GOD is somewhere going…”WHY YOU PLAYING?” 30 minutes before Kevin even arrived, I was sitting in the studio watching Sway prep, and it hit me WHY I was there. I needed to be reminded that no matter HOW comfortable you are in your position or how good you are at your job…You must NEVER stop studying. NEVER stop learning. Or NEVER stop being prepared. And although I sit next to him Monday through Friday, I NEEDED to see Sway do a different type of prep. The kind with no bathroom jokes or food stories. The kind where there are cue cards and TMZ is waiting outside. I needed to see how a person that has interviewed Presidents…STAY ON TOP OF THEIR GAME.

As for Kevin Hart? I would LOVE to say he was funny and had me dying laughing, but the TRUTH is…he was INSPIRATIONAL! He spoke about why and how Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, and Eddie Murphy were his biggest influences and mentors. He told this story about how “Chris Rock” explained to him how important it is to travel OUTSIDE of the U.S. He stressed the importance of OWNING your work/ideas AND he shared how his children are THE MOST important thing in his life.

I was so “high” after listening to him tell some of his personal stories, I couldn’t even SLEEP when I got home. In fact, I started thinking about my whole day which included talking to Boxer-BERNARD HOPKINS. Sisters-KIM&KHOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. THE CAST OF SECOND GENERATION WAYANYS-DAMIEN WAYANS, CRAIG WAYANS, TATYANA ALI, and GEORGE CORE II. AND DAWN RICHARD-from Making the Band&Dirty Money performing LIVE on the show..I KNEW GOD was looking at me like, “FOR REAL?..YOU worried about sleep?” “I HAVE STORIES for you TO TELL!”

You know, maybe it was Sway reminding me to “live a little during the work week” and watching him prep. Or maybe it was listening to Kevin talk about getting boo’ed and being hit in the face with a buffalo wing back in the day. Or maybe it was the flashback of Bernard, Kim, and Tatyana who ALL at one point said, “Hey HEATHER!” that made me realize, WOW…At some point we have to choose our game.

I don’t know what “your game” is…but I do know that the greatest players BELIEVE, PRAY, WORK HARD, STUDY, STAY PREPARED, then PERFORM. And perform at a level of INSPIRATION. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME family…you never know who you may inspire!





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