Anyone that truly KNOWS me, will tell you that I’ve ALWAYS liked Wendy Williams.

We’ve never been out for lunch: We don’t have each other’s number; However, we’ve formed a “HUG” ship for well over 20 YEARS and here’s how it happened:


We both lived downtown Jersey City, NJ. I KNEW who Wendy was because of the radio; but I was caught me off guard when she drove pass my house one day and said “HEY HEATHER!” I yelled back “HEY WENDY!!!” but I couldn’t figure out HOW she knew me. (It was before THE REAL WORLD.)

Not too long after that, I bumped into Wendy in a bathroom at a night club in NYC. We sat in the bathroom w/a few other gals&chatted like we were on the stoop in the hood. LOL! As it turned out, Wendy was a hip-hop fan and she knew who I was from my work with KRS-ONE.

I went on to do “REAL WORLD” and music…and she continued to KILL the radio game like no other. Folks HATED to admit that they listened to Wendy, but I was a LOYAL listener. And every time we’d see each another after the bathroom “bump-in” it was LOVE.


After years of not “bumping into Wendy” last year she came by the (radio) show to promote her tv show, but Sway wasn’t there. I was nervous about “seeing her” because I wasn’t sure if she would remember all of little run-ins. To my surprise, she walked in, gave me the BIGGEST bear hug and told me she was a BIG FAN of the show.

We ended up talking so much “off-air” that I forgot to take a picture with her because the conversation was so enlightening. She talked about how “the mic gets hot” and you have to take responsibility for what you say. She reminded me on how after making some comments she was “shipped out of NY” and “left on the NJ turnpike to rot.” (She went to do radio in Philly after NY.)

I was listening so intensively to her that I was caught off guard when she asked ME…”Is it hard?” “You know, not rapping as much&doing radio now?” When I went to answer her she fired away again…”Do you dress up for work everyday?” I told her that I LOVED radio and YES! I get “dressed” as much as I can because I walk into a corporate building EVERY DAY.

“Interesting” was her response and afterwards she invited me to a taping of her show.
(I decided to go Dec. 2012&sit in the audience because I wanted to “see” how it was all done from that side.)
When I went to the taping, her husband (Kevin) saw me in the audience, came up to me&said, “You’re doing good on the radio!” “I’m GLAD you came to see the show!” “I wanna get you to come back here one day to do Wendy’s HOT TALK panel!”

Now in MY MIND, “WOW! THANK YOU GOD!!!” BUT…I KNOW how the industry is. People see you, they say etc, then it’s hard to “catch up” after that. Kevin told some lady to “GET MY NUMBER!” And typical me, I didn’t have “A CARD”, so I wrote it on a piece of scrap paper. TRUST ME, I walked out thinking…”It was REALLY NICE to be asked, but WHO calls anyone back whose number is on a scrap paper in 2013???” LIES!


My spirit was bothering me. I had that nagging feeling that kept saying, “Get in touch with Wendy.” I didn’t know how though. I never took the lady’s number. I never got Kevin’s number. And I NEVER had Wendy’s number.

As GOD would have it, one day at work a former employee came by to visit another show. As he was leaving that show, I happened to be opening the door to throw something out&he saw me. “HEATHER!!!” he said…”I may have something for you. Give me a call.” Believe it or not, he left SiriusXM to work for…THE WENDY WILLIAMS Show.


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