Let’s toast to…”R&B DUDES!!!”


If you grew up in an certain areas back in the 90’s you knew all about NEW JACK SWING. Teddy Riley was at the forefront; You had GUY, BBD, BOBBY BROWN and KEITH SWEAT.

When he came in the studio I just KNEW he was gonna get swamped with phone calls from women, but FOR REAL…Dudes called to say, “Keith! I made my kids off your songs.” He was there to promote the relationship book he wrote, but somehow we got caught up in talking about how LSG (Levert, Sweat, and Gill) got started and how to reinvent yourself.

LSG got started because he&the late, GREAT Gerald Levert were good friends; And it seems that he&Johnny got cool from doing shows together. Keith said, “At the time my label HATED the idea of me forming a super group, but after a while they gave in and said…Do what the hell you wanna do. The rest was history.”

He admitted that a woman left him before and he’s been broken-hearted. And he summed that up by saying…”When the so-called fame is gone&the stage lights go out, I’m just a regular man.”

Which brings me to Trey Songz…

Folks have called Trey arrogant so I was ready. Personally, I think it’s tough for these new R&B dudes. Artists are NOT selling as many records, thanks to the computer. Studio equipment is now DIGITAL; So it’s hard to tell guys apart on the radio. Even me, I swore Trey was R. Kelly when I first heard him. That’s no diss to Trey, because when R. came out I thought he was Aaron Hall from Guy.

Rumor has it Trey&R.Kelly had beef. They called a truce and may work together, but MAYBE that+pressure from the label to sell could have sparked the “Trey is arrogant” talk.

When he walked in he gave me a hug and I got distracted because he smelled like a “Magical Lotion.” LOL! “Ooh you smell good…WHAT are you wearing?” Is the first thing I asked him and he smiled and said, “Rocawear Evolution.” He immediately got bombarded with calls, mostly from women and there was no sign of “arrogance” while he answered their questions.

While talking to us I looked for signs of “conceit” but saw NONE. And other than being late&his pants saggin’ I didn’t see ANYTHING wrong. Even after the interview…he signed an album for my nieces.

I couldn’t help but wonder though if all the “on-air” niceties were part of a publicity stunt; And as fate would have it I KNEW people who had to deal with him behind-the-scenes for this last tour.

The report I got back?

EXTREMELY nice and Accommodating.

The gossipy part?

He’s bit of a flirt.

So basically, he’s just a regular man too! LOL!!!


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