Let’s toast to…”ONLY IN AMERICA!!!”


There are not too many days where I am speechless; BUT after meeting, talking and listening to Don King for an hour… Today will go down as one of those “speechless” days.

What was even more confusing, he effortlessly quoted the bible, Malcolm X, Thomas Jefferson, and a host of other dead people…And I’m STILL not sure if he’s full of wisdom or full of $#*! LOL

He came in with bells and whistles including…3 flags. One for Native Americans (because he said WE ARE ALL immigrants except for them.) A Venezulan flag (because he said Hugo Chavez was his brother) and a Don King “Made In America” flag well because, he’s Don King.

He was there to promote the Hopkins-Cloud fight that’s happening on Saturday. I didn’t even KNOW he still had boxers, (because of his reputation) but according to him “Tavoris Cloud is gonna beat Bernard Hopkins” so I take it Cloud is his guy. Truth be told, NOBODY asked him one question about the fight; WE ALL wanted to know WHAT is his current relationship with Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and did he take folks money?

Getting Don King to answer a question YES OR NO is like trying to count stars in the sky, but here’s “some” of what I got for you:

Question: If Mike Tyson made 400 MILLION how much did you make? What was your percentage?

Answer: I don’t know! NEVER take a percentage from a boxer. You have to get your money from “other” avenues. The fight, etc.

Question: What’s your relationship like with Tyson? (Then we played a clip of Mike calling him every low-life in the book!)

Answer:I LOVE MIKE! Mike just doing what he gotta do. “They” trying to separate us. Mike is my brother. He made 400 mil. The difference is…I KEPT MINE.

Question: Who do you think would of won the fight between Mayweather&Pacquiao?

Answer: The PEOPLE! And Floyd is THE BEST BOXER in the world right now. But AT THAT TIME Manny was at the door! I would of had to see who came into the ring with who. Who came with GOD. Or Jesus. Or Allah. Or Buddah… and THAT’S how I would of made my pick.

Question: In your opinion, WHO is the BEST BOXER of all time?

Answer: Every knee shall bow! And every tongue shall confess that Muhammad Ali is the GREATEST of them ALL!

Sway asked him his opinion on the state of hip-hop; Rappers fighting, etc. And he responded by comparing it to the concept of house negroes and field negroes. It’s way too long write about, BUT I will say…he was 1000% RIGHT!

Look, I’m not sure if Don King took anyone’s money. If he’s sincere. Or…If he’s just an old dog THAT KNOWS where all the bones are buried. He told me off air that he owns homes all over the country and based on his dental work, jewelry, and the number of people that he had with him, I am sure that he sincerly KNOWS where all his money is…and HOW MUCH he has.

I don’t know if anyone will ever REALLY get to KNOW the true Don King; But for real….WHERE ELSE??? Can a convicted murderer, (he killed someone over $600.00) become a multi-millionaire??? And still FREELY remind folks on international radio that President Thomas Jefferson had a black, slave, wife (Sally Hemings) who had ATLEAST 5 children by him??? ONLY IN AMERICA!


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