Let’s toast to… NEW BEGINNINGS

Happy New Year!!!

I won’t bore you with all the crap about how I’m going to lose a bunch of weight and stop eating fried foods…cause that ain’t gonna happen! If anything, in 2013 it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and chasing down your dreams; And I’ve NEVER dreamt about being skinny or giving up chicken wings! LOL

My health? Not too big of an issue, the doctor hit me with the usual…TRY to excercise atleast 30 minutes a day, eat more “greens”, take iron, and limit my alcohol intake. His entire “list” is a “Saturday” Killer, but there’s no sense in working hard and having big dreams if your not gonna at least TRY to take care of yourself physically.

Personally? I’ve decided to enforce my “PHONY HOURS” rule in 2013. Now, if you don’t know what “phony hours” are let me explain> PHONY HOURS are for folks that you HAVE TO deal with, (because that’s just how life goes) but you really don’t like them. And worse, you KNOW that they don’t have your best interest at heart. Last year I brought ALOT of things “home” that I shouldn’t have and I realized it was coming from certain people. FYI…I’m down to 2 PHONY HOURS per week!!! That’s all I got for these “Debbie Downers” “Time Thieves” “Dream Killers” and folks with just straight up BAD ENERGY!

Professionally? I’m excited! Doing what I LOVE excites me…and my biggest (professional) lessons last year were: BE YOURSELF! I was reminded that by radio legend LARRY KING who shared that with me when he spoke about the advice his mentor gave him. And secondly, BE CAREFUL WITH WHO YOU SHARE YOUR DREAMS and PLANS WITH. You may think someone is happy for you and initially they might be, but as GOD moves you forward EXPECT jealousy………….even from THE UNEXPECTED!

Spiritually? What can I say? My life has been so CRAZY that I have NO CHOICE, but to TRUST GOD! I’m not saying that I don’t do my part, (Praying, Working, Being Prepared, etc.) but I am not capable of giving myself the Divine Interventions, The Favor, The Inspirations, The Gifts: That ALL comes from HIM. I was telling a friend the other day, “Sometimes I don’t like GOD’S “NO’s” and HIS schedule…..LOL!!! BUT one YES from HIM, is LIFE CHANGING.” And who can’t use a good “life” change?

2013 is here ya’ll! And if you have been praying for something, I encourage you to GET PREPARED for your BLESSING! For your NEW BEGINNING! Start Today!!!! STOP sharing your plans and your dreams with the wrong people and start recognizing who they are! I’m telling you….Use your “Phony Hours!” LOL! I look FORWARD to sharing and exchanging experiences with you this year and I THANK YOU for stopping by “THE HAPPY HOUR!”


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