Let’s toast to…M.O.B. TIES


Now ya’ll know I haven’t flipped and changed my last name to Soprano or Gotti, but over the past two days I’ve learned some INTERESTING things that made me look at my own “M.O.B. Ties” by chatting with The MOB WIVES from VH-1!

Truth FIRST…I haven’t been paying much attention to that show. The Real World has spoiled me and I tell most of our “reality” show guests that I think their shows are FAKE! Secondly, it’s always been funny to me how folks (especially black folks) have this fascination with the mafia.

*Side Bar* I’d been really tight with an Italian girl whose family seemed a little Soprano-ish; And me being me…I would ask her about the Italian/Mafia STEROTYPES that I’d heard about and wondered if they were true. Like…..

Do Italian men really have a thing for Black Women?


Do Italian women secretly have a thing for Black Men?


Does the mafia do their main business in Construction/Real Estate, Sanitation, Parking Garages, and Trucking?


Do Italian people use the N-word ALOT in the privacy of their homes?

Her answers were….







FOR SURE!!! And in this particular case…HER GRANDMOTHER was the main one who used the N-word. (Imagine MY FACE!)

Now add on “Do The Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever,” and that bit from “RAW” when Eddie Murphy said, “And the MOOLIE is gonna pay for my candy!” LOL!!! Plus, All the rappers that took on Italian and Columbian names, with ALL the videos and songs using “SCARFACE,” “GODFATHER,” “GOOD FELLAS,” and “CASINO” references….WHAT reason did I have to watch MOB WIVES?

To my surprise, there are some things going on with the “MOB WIVES” that I was unaware of. And after talking to Big Ang, Carla, Renee, Ramona, and Karen….APPARENTLY, they have some “real” issues because I was told that the N-WORD has been used a few times (by a cast member). Now here’s the thing, I’m not surprised by that, (remember my Italian friend schooled me) but the hook is….I was told, “VH-1 does not want to air any of them (MOB WIVES) saying the N-word.” Ummm, Excuse me….WHY NOT? Isn’t this suppose to be “REAL?” WHY would THAT be edited out? Before any one could answer, I asked…”So WHY is it okay when the Basketball Wives or Love&Hip Hop girls say it???”

Then without hesistancy, I was told, “Because it’s different…it’s a different set of rules.” (Imagine MY FACE!)

As I dug a little deeper, I also found out that several of the “WIVES” have been in or are in interracial relationships and have bi-racial children. And RENEE (my FAVE of them ALL) is on a truth mission these days and doesn’t care WHAT ties get made or broken because of it.

Digesting some of what they shared with me over the past 2 days has made me look at some of my own “ties.” Depending on how you look at it, the Making Or Breaking of (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) ties can be either enlighting or devasting.

For me, especially as I become more comfortable with my truths, the BREAKING (of some ties) has been equally, if not more REFRESHING than the MAKING! Letting some things, people, and unhealthy thoughts go, has allowed me to make peace and gain some much needed freedom. The FREEDOM to be ME!

Do yourself a FAVOR> Don’t get tied down or tied up with things or people that hold you back from “Your Truths!” Or your Freedom!


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