LET’S TOAST TO…Loving the Challenge


When I was in the 7th grade, I was a B…B+ student. However, my teacher wrote on the back of my report card: “Heather would be an EXCELLENT STUDENT if she applied herself.” I STILL remember that report card some 30 years later because that remark ALWAYS drove me: I LOVED the challenge.


She came to Sirius on Monday to promote her new movie “Olympus Has Fallen” and I had the privledge of “sitting in” on an interview with her.

NOTE: This was a TALK radio interview which runs much differently from “music” radio; So it was an opportunity for me to learn. Plus, I have a great deal of respect for the master-interviewer (Larry Flick) and he welcomed me with open arms. Plus, It was ANGELA BASSETT!!!

The funny thing though, she came into Melba’s last year while I was bartending and I was SO EXCITED that…I made her and her friends my “infamous” Sangria. She didn’t ask for it, but she’s ANGELA BASSETT: I had to do SOMETHING!

As a way to “break the ice” and calm my nerves (YEAH..I was NERVOUS!) I mentioned “Melba’s” when I walked in the interview and she jumped up and said, “YESSS! I remember that!” OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ANGELA BASSETT remembered MY DRINK???…STOP PLAYING!!!

I would LOVE to tell you that I filled my notebook with great quotes and “things to remember”, but the truth is…I lost consciousness after she remembered my drink. LOL!

When I was conscious, she talked about how “doubted” she was when she was chosen to play Tina Turner. She explained that, “I am not a triple-threat. I can’t sing or dance but…I LOVED the challenge.” Wait a second…Did she REALLY just say that? That’s what I say!

She didn’t mention her marriage, but she did talk about being a mother and how all she has to do is give her kids “the look” and they straighten right up. Ummm, even though she’s only about 5’3…I BELIEVE her! She “eyes” you DIRECTLY and INTENSELY when she speaks. It can be frightening, but I found it POWERFUL.

I tried so hard not to stare at her; And when my eyes were relaxed I was able to appreciate how soft-spoken and articulate she is. I can tell she’s guarded, BUT I peeped her inner “homegirl” a few times during the interview. Larry complimented her on her looks, her integrity, and her over all “ANGELA-ISMS” and she responded by waving her arms in the air and giving an “okaaay.” I LOVED IT!

Ironically, she also mentioned her former (acting) teacher that told her…”You can either give MORE or LESS to a character.” Angela made it clear that, although she sometimes has to “pull back”…She does not like watching performances and feeling FAMISHED afterwards. She said she knows when a person “could of given MORE.”

THOUGHT: Maybe my 7th grade teacher KNEW too; Because I’ve grown to realize that “giving more” “applying” and “studying” separates the students from the masters: The “famished” from “the full.”

One of the last things Larry said to Angela was, “There’s only 1 woman left for you to play: Michelle Obama.” The BIGGEST smile came on her face as she said, “Oh my goodness I would LOVE to play her…IF they can find me some REALLY HIGH heels.” LOL!

QUESTION to ME: The one thing I WISH I could of said to Angela?

ME to ANGELA: No offense to Halle Berry, but there’s NO WAY she should’ve gotten an OSCAR for Monster’s Ball and YOU not get one for “What’s Love Got to Do With It!” Who the hell voted for that? LIES!!!

Well…THANK GOD I didn’t have a microphone, but I did go home and scream out “THANK YOU LORD!!!” For allowing me to have the opportunity of a lifetime: AND for challenging me to keep my mouth SHUT for a half hour: It was hard, but I LOVED IT!


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