Let’s toast to…LIFE. TRUTH. And RAISING A SON



I LOVE REGINA KING! I met her in 1996 at a D’Angelo party when she walked in with Vivica Fox. I’d never met either of them prior to the party…so I was SHOCKED when Regina walked up to me and said, “Hey Girl!!! I just wanted to say HI!” (Yes! THAT”S HOW COOL she is!)

Industry parties can be “funny” style: Phony hello’s, etc; BUT the exchange with Regina was so genuine that I was sad I didn’t get a chance to tell her I have always RESPECTED her and her work. From “227” to “POETIC JUSTICE” to “JERRY MAGUIRE” to “ENEMY OF THE STATE”, to “RAY” and the list goes on…She’s been a force in the game.

After meeting her at that party, I would randomly run into her and no matter WHERE it was, she would be the same way…FRIENDLY and GENIUNE. Somehow at one of our “random” run-ins we began talking, talking…and I thought to myself, “I wonder if she’s like this all the time?” She seemed like the kind of friend that you just grab a bottle of wine with and talk to for hours with no judgement.

My question got answered when actress Taraji P. Henson came by the show a while back and said, “Regina is MY GIRL!” “We’ve been watching each other’s kids since they were small.” “We cheer each other on for different jobs…”She’s GENIUNE.” “And our sons are like brothers too.” I wanted to tell Regina how highly Taraji spoke of her, but we were so busy chatting about “LIFE” “THE TRUTH” and “HOW she is raising her 17 year old son” yesterday…I FORGOT!

As we exchanged stories, I couldn’t help but admire her strength as she broke down just some of what you deal with when raising a child. (FYI> GOD BLESS EVERY PARENT THAT IS DOING IT:I RESPECT YOU!) In typical Regina fashion though, she SINCERLY gave me props for the strength of my marriage, but to me…her role as a mother is waaay harder.

I guess it’s unfair to compare the two because they each require something different; I mean if your son’s girlfriend comes to your house, you can just be like, “I don’t like her…she needs to leave.” BUT, If your husband’s girlfriend comes to your house…you’re going to jail! HAHA!!! It seemed like time flew by once again without having a chance to say it all, but I did tell her that when the Barack Obama movie gets made, I want her to play Michelle&Will(Smith) to play Barack. I’m saying….Can’t you just SEE THAT?

I don’t know WHEN it will be, but I can’t wait to run into Regina again. It may be at a party, at work, or at some function, I just hope WHEREVER it is…I got a bottle of something handy, because we NEED to finish talking. LOL!





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