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Right before the holidays comedian/actor CHRIS TUCKER came on the show to talk about a few things he was working on. Of course we asked if there was gonna be another FRIDAY’S…with HIM in it; Answer? No. But, I also asked him about an interview I read YEARS AGO (way before Barack) where he spoke about making a film playing the first black president.

I asked because CHRIS ROCK beat him to the punch with “HEAD OF STATE” and I was wondering if he was pissed at Chris (for possibly biting his idea) OR has he moved on to bigger and better things? Suprisingly, he said…”He would LOVE to revisit the idea because his vision actually “came true.”

In radio, sometimes you find out the most interesting things OFF AIR; And I’d noticed during the breaks…Chris KEPT looking at me. I wasn’t sure why, BUT I decided to break the ice by saying…”You know, I tell people I starred in a movie with you.” He said, (in that Smokey voice) “OH YEAH??? Which One?”

I whispered….”Dead Presidents.”

“I THOUGHT YOU SOUND FAMILIAR!!!” “I didn’t know from where though….Say THAT LINE again!” “The line you said in the movie.” And of course me ALWAYS ready to do my ONE line…I busted out> “Get the F*** off of Spider!!!” EVERYBODY in the room starting cracking up and Chris was DYING while he said, “I remember YOU!!! I remember THAT!!!” The funniest thing though, this all ended up happening “ON AIR” as I explained to him&Sway how EXCITED I was to be in my first (feature) film, how nervous I was, BUT also how determined I was to give it all I got.


Our guest on the show? Film Director ALLEN HUGHES! Now, if you’re not familiar with Allen Hughes or the “Hughes” Brothers (he also makes films with his twin brother Albert) here are just some of the films they’ve directed> “MENACE II SOCIETY,” “DEAD PRESIDENTS,” “FROM HELL,” and “THE BOOK OF ELI”. He came to hang out with us and promote the new film he directed, “BROKEN CITY” starring Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg. (Comes out Friday, JANUARY 18th)

I was a bit nervous before he walked in, because I wasn’t sure if he remembered me. I mean c’mon, it’s alot easier joking with a comedian and saying “I tell people I starred in a movie with you” than saying to a director (that JUST finished a movie with RUSSELL CROWE) “Ummm, Do you remember me? From that ONE line you cast me for 18 years ago?” LIES!!!

GOD spared me the embarrassment, because as soon as Allen walked in he said, “HEATHER!!! I was so happy when I heard you on the radio with Sway!” “I listen to you guys out in L.A!” I’m thinking, “WOW!” and “WHEW!” But THEN he said,……”And SWAY do I have a story to tell you about HEATHER that I’ve NEVER told before!”

I was CRINGING. ALL I could think about was how inexperienced I was on set; And was CERTAIN that he was about to expose atleast 5 of the 10 rookie things I had done. He started (ON AIR) by saying, “Heather, have you had any acting experience before my film?”

My answer? No.

He continued, “I wanted her in the film because I’d seen her on tv (REAL WORLD); And I was thinking, she would be great for the part…IF she can pull it off.” He went on to tell everyone how I sold the part AND the stunt…AND I’ve literally been smiling since Thursday. Haha!!!


The thing that had me buggin” (after I went home and took it all in)…Man, GOD will place us in different situations and out of ignorance we will say to ourselves, “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” Even worse, we will sometimes allow our inexperience or lack of education to hinder us from being present and seizing the moment.

I’ve admitted several times, “I had no idea what “THE REAL WORLD” was gonna be.” I thought I was JUST THERE. Eating up the free food, living free, and enjoying the perks! I didn’t know that music would lead to tv, tv would lead to film, one line in a film would lead to CHRIS TUCKER saying, “I remember YOU!” and so on. It’s MIND BLOWING.

Thinking about my journey so far has inspired me to encourage folks to start, “LEAVING YOUR MARK!” It’s been proven that whether you think you’re “just there” or if you only have “one line”, GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT…because clearly SOMEONE is always watching. What’s even more evident, GOD does not place you where HE has no purpose for you. Maybe your purpose is to learn, to teach, to help, or to be helped, but the point is…Don’t just be somewhere, “being there”>>>>Be conscious that you do have a PURPOSE! And “LEAVE YOUR MARK!”…..You never know what it may lead to.

And just in case you’re wondering> No, he didn’t have a script for me to read….but BEST BELIEVE I’ll be READY when he calls. Last time, 1 line, next time 5! Lol!!!


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