For those of you that don’t know who B.Smith is, long story short…She’s like the black Martha Stewart. I was so surprised that SHE was coming by the show; I mean I’m familiar with who she is because I’m into that “Martha Stewart” stuff, but let’s be real…she’s a 63 year old black female that sorta walks around anonymously, WHY in world would she come SHADE 45? AND with her husband…WHY???

As it turns out, B. Smith&her husband have a new (talk) radio show on SiriusXM, called The B. Smith and ‘Thank You, Dan’ show. Crazy name, so of course THAT was the first question: “WHY that name?” With a huge smile on her face she explained that Dan, (her husband of 20 YEARS) is a sweetheart. Besides his strength, he does and has done so much for her, (they are business partners as well) that she found herself CONSTANTLY saying…”THANK YOU, Dan.” Initially, I thought it was too much mushy talk: I didn’t get it, but as I watched them interact on&off camera…things became clearer.

Sway asked her “What was one of the NICEST things Dan has ever done for you?” B. said, “One day he goes…Pack a small bag, 2 outfits, let’s getaway and go to Florida for the weekend.” “Once we got in the car, I got annoyed because he wanted to leave from an airport that was further away.” “And as we pulled up to the airport, he pulled out 2 tickets and said…I am taking you AROUND THE WORLD.” Dan finally jumped in and said, “Awww, She was so SURPRISED! We went EVERYWHERE…India! Africa! You name it!”

Yeah, but WHAT about ya’ll only having 2 outfits? He said, “That’s ALL you need!” “When you travel like THAT, you buy as you go.” Man listen, I was so caught up in his get down…I ALMOST said, “Thank You, Dan.” Haha!!! Off air, I told them I’ve always supported and I LOVED her “HOME COLLECTION” in BED, BATH&BEYOND. I also asked her as an author/cook does she really give away ALL of her secrets in her books&recipes?

“Yes, Heather I do.” She wanted to know WHY I asked, so I shared that my grandmother (MUNA Gardner) gave me a “jewel” back in the day: “ONLY GOD can give YOU what YOU have…That SPECIAL touch.” In other words, “You can give 2 people the same EXACT ingredients to make a cake and 1 of them will come out different.” B. Smith smiled and said, “That’s right.” I was ready to walk away feeling BLESSED that my grandmother’s “jewels” remain priceless and then I got an extra “gem” from Dan: He said “Heather, I don’t EVER want you to forget this…”NO ONE CAN PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS.”  “YOU PUT YOURSELF OUT.” “Okay? REMEMBER THAT.”

In my Jay-Z voice I wanted to look at B. Smith and say…”YEAAAH B. Talk Your S#*!” Because I “GET IT” now, but instead I gave him a hug and said…”Thank You, Dan.” FYI> The B. Smith and “Thank You Dan” show comes on M-F 3pm to 6pm on SiriusXM Radio Channel 128.



Updated  December 18th 2014: My heart and prayers goes out to Ms. B. Smith and her husband Dan. Ms. Smith has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and I have not personally seen her in over a year. I hope and pray that GOD continues to watch over her and heal her because she does not deserve to suffer.


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