Let’s toast to…”IT AIN’T HARD TO TELL!!!”


I didn’t know that people had such mixed feelings about Terrence Howard. Some women think “he’s fine.” Some say he’s “too pretty.” And then I’ve HEARD folks say…he’s arrogant. To me, it HAD BEEN hard to tell what he may be like in person. I mean with those eyes and everything, I didn’t know what to expect: But did I ever get the UNEXPECTED:

He walked in COMPLAINING that men don’t carry picks anymore! What happened was, the headphones from his last interview flattened his afro and he NEEDED a pick to “get it right” again. As he sat down he says, “WOW Sway…You got some women up in here.” “I have to look away&remember MY WIFE!”

Sway however, encouraged him to take a 15 second look at the 3 women in the room and comment. One girl, he guessed was half Asian. Tracy G (she does the celebrity news) he said was “cute.” And me, he said he can’t look at for too long because I have the kind of eyes&energy that will “bring you in.” Wait…MY EYES? REALLY??? Oooh Daddy…Haha!!!

Terrence came to promote his new film “DEAD MAN DOWN”, but we wanted to know about the “Oprah” comments he recently made. They have a film coming out (THE BUTLER) and he’s on record talking about how voluptuous she is&he even mentioned her breasts. We asked him to elaborate and he did not hold his tongue.

“Most people see her as the icon, but I looked in her eyes and saw the little girl.” “Man, I don’t know what Stedman is doing but he….BETTER WATCH OUT!” Personally, I was STUNNED. I mean…I LOVE her too, but I’ve always seen her as the auntie type. Maybe I’m wrong.

He continued on a different subject.

RUMOR had it that:

Terrence “was difficult” so he was replaced by Don Cheadle for “IRON MAN 2.”


He had beef with Don.

He spoke on THAT as well…he even gave NUMBERS!

“I was paid 4 million for the 1st Iron Man…And we had a 3 picture deal.” “They came to me about the 2nd and said…”We think it’ll be successful with or without you.” “I thought I was good because of the deal, but I didn’t know it wasn’t mutually binding.” “When it came down to it, it was about them NOT wanting to pay me the 8 million that was based on the deal…(they offered me a million instead) so they went with Don.” “They ORIGINALLY wanted Don, but my agent pushed for me.” “Let me say this though…I have NO PROBLEMS with Don.”

Before he left, he had one more “shocker” up his sleeve. He told us that he went back to school for chemical engineering and is now growing DIAMONDS in South Carolina. He said diamonds will eventually replace steel and he even invited us to “come watch our diamond be born.” Like for real, WHO invites people to diamond plants???

Diamonds aside, it was hard watching TERRENCE HOWARD leave; But it ain’t hard to tell that he’s smart, intense and very engaging. He also KNOWS what he likes and wants; And is not afraid to say it. Yeah, that could be considered “arrogant,” but I’d rather deal with people like that…than folks you have to figure out what they “really” mean.

I don’t know WHEN I’m gonna see Terrence Howard again, but hopefully when I do see him…my “bring you in” eyes will have him bringing my diamond. Haha!


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