I’ve been in one of those spaces lately where I have so many ideas and dreams that it’s become overwhelming. I’m always thinking, planning, creating and trying to make sure that whatever I do is done correctly.

Unfortunately, when you take on too much…time can become an enemy and every single thing begins to get on your nerves. Knowing that, I STILL volunteered to cook AND make drinks for the show last Friday.

No, I’m not a glutton for punishment: Nor am I into testing my stress level. Something in my heart&mind told me it was something that I should do for a few reasons:

*2 co-workers were celebrating birthdays.

*2 co-workers were celebrating their 1 year anniversary on the job.


*Puffy AND Chef Guy Fieri would be guests that day.

Here was my thinking:

If it were me, I would APPRECIATE if my co-workers remembered&celebrated my birthday.

If it were me, I would APPRECIATE if my co-workers acknowledged my time&contribution at the work place.


Since YOU are YOU…AND PUFFY&GUY FIERI are coming to the show, here’s an opportunity to show Puff what you’ve been doing with his Ciroc Vodka! ALL he has to do is taste ONE of your drinks…And he’ll make me a CIROC GIRL! Ha!

AND GOD WILLING, maybe JUST maybe GUY FIERI would have a minute to taste your food. It was a LONG shot with Guy, but hey….I’m a DREAMER!

Sway was generous. He offered to pay for the food, although I never told him I was making Fried chicken, BBQ wings, Lemon&Pepper Wings, Fish Tacos, Yellow Rice w/Peas, Seafood Salad and Tossed Salad. It wasn’t enough money, but I was willing to pay the difference because I wanted to go the extra mile. My co-workers chipped in for the alcohol. Ciroc is a bit pricey…however, I KNEW once Puff tried my 2 Ciroc-tails we’d never have to pay for Ciroc again!

As time would have it, I didn’t have a chance to do the bulk of the shopping until THE NIGHT BEOFRE. Trying to find reasonably priced lobster&lump Crab meat for the seafood salad, searching for fresh cherries for the cocktails (to no avail) and that chicken: It was gonna take atleast 2 hours to clean it. Ugh! Who told me I could do this?

WAY over budget, as I put my groceries on the conveyor belt, BOOM…an email: “PUFFY CANCELLED.”

I didn’t even ask why. I was too busy dealing with whether or not I should STILL be going the “extra mile.” “Did I really need to make my own BBQ sauce?” “Make FRESH peas?” “Buy REAL lobster&crab?” “I’ve used the imitation before: I could save so much money&time!” Then satan, yes satan decided to invite himself to my “head” conversation and add in, “WHY are you cooking for your co-workers ANYWAY?” “So what, GUY FIERI is coming.” “He’s not coming to EAT your food.” “WHY SHOULD HE?” “And IF he does…SO WHAT?” “You’re NOT a CHEF!” “You’re NOTHING but a girl, with NO TRAINING…who likes to cook AT HOME: So does a MILLION other people.”

The devil can be so convincing. In times of uncertainty, his whispers are loud. However, if you just acknowledge GOD…HE’LL show up.

“Something” told me to call a friend for his opinion. I dialed and WITHOUT HESITATION he said…”WHY NOT GO ALL OUT?” “YOU’RE a REALLY good cook Heather.” “You never know!”

Yeah, “You don’t never know” sometimes. Guy Fieri may not taste my food…And my co-workers may not know if I used imitation crab, but I’ll KNOW. And I’m responsible for what I KNOW.

It took me 12 hours to make everything…(Including that BBQ Sauce.) Not to mention, those fresh peas wouldn’t cooperate! So, at the last minute I took some left over chilli&lime chicken breasts I had in the fridge, chopped it up&added it to my yellow rice along with some left over black beans.

OH! And the drinks? I made 3. My “Spiked” Coconut&Pineapple Lemonade. My Strawberry&Watermelon “Punch.” AND My Peach-Berry Cobbler “Cocktail.” I was DONE. AND EXHAUSTED. Indeed, I had gone the EXTRA MILE.

My co-workers were so appreciative and complimentary about the food, that it made it ALL worth it. Sway RAVED about it on air…SO MUCH SO, I quietly told GOD “THANK YOU for the outcome” however, GOD was not done! In walked GUY FIERI…WITH FOOD from his restaurant.

GUY put his food down and headed STRAIGHT for my food AND made a plate. On it was my BBQ wings and my last minute Chilli&Lime chicken w/beans&Rice.
My heart was in my shoes…AND quite frankly, I felt like I was on one of those episodes of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. CHOPPED. AND Top Chef all at once! LOL!

His compliments were so genuine that I just remember “the feeling” and not his words. AND for the minute when satan came back to whisper “He’s only being nice to you because you guys are LIVE&ON CAMERA” GOD immediately SHUT THAT DOWN.

When the cameras went off, GUY turned and said: “SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “YOU NEED TO REALLY start DEVELOPING YOURSELF in this area even more.” “I have some advice for you.” It felt like an outer body experience: EARTH TO HEATHER>>>CHEF GUY FIERI is TALKING TO YOU ABOUT YOUR FOOD. Is ANYBODY HOME?

I’ve included the video below for you to see the interview yourself…However, I wanted to leave you with some words of encouragement from THAT EXPERIENCE:

Don’t allow satan to come in to your conversation and deter you from YOUR DESTINY! No, Guy Fieri didn’t call me Chef HB, but having him taste my food&endorse me LIKE THAT…Along with the ADVICE he gave me, was a seed I needed planted in “my garden.” And yes, there are a million people out there that can do what you do, but only YOU can do it HOW YOU DO IT! So when in doubt…Represent YOUR STYLE and GO THE EXTRA MILE: It’ll separate you from the pack.


ALSO, here’s the CIROC VIDEOS for you to try at home!


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