I had a long debate with a friend of mine the other day about “gifts.”

In our discussion, I told him that EVERYONE is “gifted.” He vehemently disagreed.
He argued that most people are mediocre. Average. Just walking around “aimlessly” with no purpose.

I argued that, “Although people may perform at a mediocre level or even accept mediocrity personally&professionally; It doesn’t mean that they’re not gifted.”

“Nay sayers, haters, non believers and circumstances have been designed to test and stop you from using “your gift.” At the same time, encouragers, teachers, angels along the way, providers, and instructors have been placed in our lives to help us recognize, develop, and use “our gifts” correctly.

Until I got around “encouragers” I would be hesitant to tell people that I wanted to be in the
entertainment industry. And even when I got in the industry, I became hesistant in expressing
that I wanted to “do more.” Looking back, I realized that I was hesistant because I lacked confidence in “my gift.” And I lacked confidence because I was not in agreement with GOD about “the gift” HE gave me.

My friend was quiet the entire time I expressed my thoughts, but the minute I was done he said…”H.B. everyone IS NOT Lebron James.” And while I explained to him that Lebron has been blessed with the gift of athleticism, each one of us has been given a gift to be the “Lebron James” of your purpose.

Still not convinced, he shot back…”What about the people who believe they’re gifted and aren’t?”

GREAT. A pessimist. And not only that, a pessimist with a degree in PSYCHOLOGY! Clearly, it was time for a cocktail and an opportunity to take the conversation to another level.

I LIVE with the understanding that GOD has given EVERYONE a gift. Can it be difficult finding out exactly WHAT that gift is? ABSOULTELY! Yet, you still have one. GOD will NEVER make you feel like you aren’t gifted, people do.

Words hurt. Relationships can be difficult. Work is tiring&sometimes uncertain. And depending on the fight IN YOU when life tests your faith…folks give up. And can you blame some people? Who the hell needs CONSTANT criticism, setbacks, and lack of support while they’re trying to find&develop their gift? Yet still…they are gifted.

My closing statement to my friend was…”GOD ain’t bring people here just to hang out.” “EVERYONE has a gift&a purpose.” “Step 1. Find it.” “Step 2. Agree with GOD about it.” “Step 3. Develop it. ” “Step 4. Surround yourself with a Supporting Cast.” “And Step 5. Use Your Gift Correctly.”

And in true pessimist form…He agreed to DISAGREE.

I was NEVER unsure about my statements, but some of my friend’s theories had me thinking about ALL the people that may be walking around feeling “UN-GIFTED.” Feeling that GOD has desserted them in some way and left them without help. Without instructions. Ironcially, it also made me think about something my grandmother once said…”GOD will send you confirmation.”

About a week later, Kirk Franklin was a guest on the show. We talked about EVERYTHING from same sex marriages to Kanye West supposedly naming his new album “Yeezus.”( Yes, as in JESUS.) And while Kirk basically took the stance “sin is sin,” we switched gears and surprisingly got into the subject of GIFTS&FAITH.

He said, “Imagine being a child and receiving a bike as A GIFT for Christmas and your parents leave it up to you to put it together?” “NO FATHER would do that to their child: And GOD would not do that to you.” “HE will HELP YOU put your gift together.”

Not only did Kirk’s analogy make sense, It CONFIRMED that we ALL receive “GIFTS” and “HELP” so your gift can be of use.

My gift is not recognizing other folks “gifts.” I’ve been BLESSED with the gift of communication. And I would like to use my gift to encourage you to FIND YOUR GIFT and USE it CORRECTLY! If you’ve been BLESSED with the gift of organization, maybe you can take a business management course and allow GOD to direct you: You just may have the next “Container Store” idea.

Or maybe you’ve been BLESSED with the gift of creativity. Start making things. Begin to wear or even sell them. Who knows…Michael Kors or Martha Stewart may have NOTHING on you!

DO NOT stay in “that place” I once was in; Lacking confidence and not agreeing with GOD that HE gave YOU a GIFT! And when you find it, USE IT… DON’T ABUSE IT! ACCEPT IT…DON’T REJECT IT! Because HE has given each of us a unique PURPOSE.


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