Let’s toast to…DOING IT FOR LOVE


The last time I saw Eve was probably in 2005. I was stuck in the airport in Miami and she was waiting for a connecting flight. Ironically, as I was walked over to say hi to her…Mary J. Blige was walking by as well: (YEAH, I was BUGGIN!) and I ended up telling Eve after we finished chatting, “Yo..Go say hi to Mary, she’s over there too!”

I have ALWAYS liked Eve. As a female rapper she seemed to maintain her dignity even when folks came after her: (A home sex tape got out. Explicit photos of her in her “dancing” days. Rumors of drug use, etc.) Somehow through ALL the ratchetness she still KICKED BUTT and won a grammy, made movies, did a television show, a clothing line, and snagged a few endorsement deals without being labeled a publicity whore.

8 years LATER I see Eve again and she was looking “glowy.” Not pregnant glow, but that HAPPY glow; And I needed to know WHY? LOL! She talked about her new album that’s coming out, working on a clothing line, and the fact that she lives in London now. Wait a second…LONDON? “Girl, WHY would you move there?” I asked, BUT I was not ready for the answer: She said…”FOR LOVE.”

As it turns out, she met a guy. A white guy. At an event. On the red carpet, and they BOTH “mentally” said “I wanna get to know who that is.” How CRAZY is that? And the more she spoke about him (A successful businessman, divorced, who has children) the more I realized where that glow was coming from: She’s in love! And I couldn’t be happier for her.

After talking to her, I wondered whether or not I would have MOVED so far away “for love?” There were times when I confused LOVE with like, lust, lonliness, etc. and ended up doing CRAZY things and wasting time with the WRONG PERSON. Is that the worse thing in the world? NO, but I can tell you this…The only time I had any regrets, is when I did not “DO IT FOR LOVE.” So…Make sure you KNOW the difference.

Experience has also taught ME that you can love, even be in love a few times, but the real is…You only have 1 TRUE LOVE. And the road to finding that 1 true love usually comes with tears, bad hair cuts, LOTS of cocktails, not wanting to look at a scale, and ultimately finding YOURSELF; So when GOD does send you “THAT 1” the glow is MUTUAL. LOL!


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