Let’s toast to…Boo ALERTS





OKay, so I know what you’re thinking…”HB, WHAT is a “Boo Alert?” Well, I created a “Boo Alert” for my FAKE boyfriend artist/actor COMMON. He’s been a busy “bee” in the dating department, so in order for me to keep up with him…I have my people “out there” (in social media land) letting me know where he is when I’m thinking of him. For instance, (typical text) “YO HB!!! Your boo was at a NOTRE DAME game checking out Skylar Diggins!” My reply? “LIES!!! Not my boo!” (But really…he was there.) LOL!!!

So how nice was GOD yesterday to allow “my boo” to be a guest on the show yesterday? AND yes!!!> I TOLD him he’s in a relationship with me that he knows NOTHING about AND I have him on “Boo Alert!” He cracked up laughing, BUT I did ask him what was up with him and Miss Skylar Diggins? He said, “Oh wow…I just think she’s a great player and I wanted to check her out live at a game.” My response? “Ok boo…Because I thought I was gonna have to beat her up before she makes it to the WNBA!” LOL!!!

He came to the show to promote his new film, (that he produced as well) “LUV.” “LUV” is about a young boy named Woody, (played by Michael Rainey Jr) who spends a day with his uncle Vincent (played by Common) on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland and learns more about life in 24 hours than most people do in a lifetime. Common did his best during the interview not to give the storyline away, but he did tell me that Megan Goode, Danny Glover, Lonette McKee, and Dennis Haysbert were in the film as well. Ummm, the BEST PART though? “My boo” invited me to the screening and told me RED SANGRIA was one of his FAVORITE drinks. I told him I would bring him some!!!

The screening was GREAT and I also had the opportunity to meet the director, Sheldon Candis. Sheldon shared that this was his FIRST film and also spoke about how GOD constantly helped him get it done: His words were INSPIRATIONAL! (That’s me and Sheldon)

I ended the night congratulating and taking a pic with Sheldon, future Oscar Winner Michael Rainey Jr. and “My Boo”….Who by the way, THANKED me with like 3 extra hugs for the SANGRIA! (He told me he LOVED IT!!!) My reply? “ANYTHING for you boo.” (But only in my head.) Ha!

Now…back to reality>>>I’m a HAPPILY married woman, with a GREAT man in my life; (he was my DATE tonight). And Yeah, Yeah….He knows all about my fake relationship with Common…but doesn’t care. He was too busy hoping that his fake boo “Chrisette Michelle” would be there: THANK GOD she wasn’t! My feet were KILLING ME….so I was no position to get ratchet for my realness. Okaaaay.

On JANUARY 18th “LUV” hits the theaters and I am suggesting that you go see it. The cast is GREAT, the director is AMAZING (I’m sure this won’t be his last film) and the story makes you think about what we verbally and visually “feed” our youth. I plan on taking my nephew to go see it…as I am now on a mission to ENCOURAGE. (Especially the younger ones.)

AND just in case you’re wondering….YES, COMMON is still on “Boo Alert.” I mean c’mon, you doesn’t LOVE that feeling of finding out that the person you “thought” was cool, is actually REALLY cool? I’m toasting tonight to ALL of you that have “boo’s” on “Boo Alert!” Even if it’s fake! LOL!!!!


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