So imagine walking into a room and someone says, “I was JUST talking about you a few days ago!” Then imagine that person is…WAYNE BRADY!

As shocked as I was, my mouth moved “Talking about MEEEE???” Wayne says “YEAH!” then continued.

“We were having a discussion about reality tv and I brought up the 1st season of REAL WORLD when the show was actually about people with talent&dreams.” “I was saying how I thought it was GREAT how you became a legitimate rapper&NOW you are on the radio EVERYDAY…I LOVE IT&I think you’re SMART!”

“WAIT A SECOND” is what my brain was saying as I was trying to wrap my head around THE MOMENT I was having.

My husband ALWAYS tells me, “You NEVER know who is a fan of yours…Just KEEP working hard&one day it’ll ALL pay off.”

I know some of you may be thinking…”What do you mean ONE DAY it’ll all pay off?” “HB you’re good!” However, (the truth is) I’m so ambitious. So driven. Such a dreamer…that I often ask GOD, “What else can I do to stay on the right path?”

After having the opportunity to sit down with Wayne, I was able to put some things into perspective&answer the question that I’ve been asking GOD.

We’ve ALL been given GIFTS. And while some may feel one gift is greater than another…The reality is, what YOU have been given has been specifically designed for YOU.

Wayne has been BLESSED with the gift of “improvisation.” Some of us didn’t initially understand or support his gift, (until we saw him on The Dave Chappelle Show) I CHALLENGE ANYONE who says he’s not the BEST in that field.

I don’t know HOW HARD it was for him to find his niche, but he did share that being from the West Indies, he was not a popular kid loving those show tunes. LOL!

It’s funny because I’ve ALWAYS loved meeting people. I loved listening&sharing stories. I had no idea though that GOD was preparing me for COMMUNICATION: Because it came so natural. My CHALLENGE was trying to explain to people WHAT my “gifts” were.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make on “your journey” is sharing your dreams&gifts with the wrong people. Folks are quick to criticize&discourage and….If you’re not careful, it can throw you off of your path.

Wayne talked about working. He talked about constantly sharpening his skills. He even talked about how GOOD GOD is.

When he left the studio…I was filled. Filled with the encouragement that, “Your job is to be what GOD created YOU to be.” No excuses. No apologies. And when you are doing ALL that you can do…just stay still&in prayer.

I ended up going out that night to see Wayne do an Improv show at BBKings&I was FLOORED by his talent. He was picking out random people, bringing them up on stage&making up songs&stories based on words they said…he even did one routine in REVERSE.

After the show, I was MOVED to tweet out, “For real…… Just left @waynebrady improv show in NYC. All I can say is Triple WOW. #KINGofIMPROV” Little did I know that would warrant a PERSONAL text from Wayne: Who I NEVER gave my number too!

He THANKED me for coming out, told me it meant ALOT…and called me “his sister.” Afer I caught my breath, I texted him back&told him I am on a personal campaign to see him as an American Idol Judge&host of THE OSCARS!

On another note, I’m ALWAYS being critcized for not answered my phone, but NOW I can say…”Oh, I was on the other line talking to Wayne Brady! LOL!!!”




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