Let’s toast to…”Being THANKFUL for your OWN PROBLEMS!!!”


LaLa Anthony.

She was on MTV, so was I. I did one a reality show. She has one. She
did radio. So do I. I’m married. So is she. Kenny Lattimore sang at my wedding.
He sang at hers too. We have so much in common….right?

She came to promote the new season of Lala’s Full Court Life, but of course
EVERYONE wanted to know if her&her husband (Carmelo Anthony) were still TOGETHER.
Rumor had it that they’ve been living apart. And since the whole Kevin Garnett
fiasco: Supposedly Kevin told Carmelo “Your wife taste like Honey Nut Cheerios”
that added even more fuel to the rumors.

Lala jumped right in and answered all the questions, even the ones about the
rumors…and that’s when it hit me>”Heather! You&LaLa don’t really have that
much in common. Haha!!

Okay, So let me start over:

LaLa Anthony.

A mom to a 6 year old. Married to a professional athlete. Her close
girlfriends are Kim Kardashian&Kelly Rowland. She EP’s her own show.
She has a makeup line. She’ll be in “Think Like A Man” (Part 2). And she has
to deal with rumors, front page headlines, etc. Clearly, that is not my life.

Sway called her “a professional” for the way she answered questions and how
she handled the rumors. She had NOTHING negative to say about anyone, not even Kevin
Garnett…And she joked how “Honey Nut Cheerios should CUT HER CHECK!”

It’s funny because my grandmother used to say…”Be thankful for your own problems.”
AND now more than ever…I get it! I’m SUPER HAPPY for Lala and her life is cute,
but I’m not professional enough to not say things about people. LOL!!! (I’d be kicked
outta that world.)

Off air, her&I talked about married life. She was shocked that I’d been
married 11 years to her 2 and we both agreed things can get difficult sometimes.
It’s crazy though because I’ve also learned that Rich or Poor. Famous or Infamous;
Some things are just THE SAME…Love is Love. And Difficult is Difficult.

I complimented Lala on how camera and pose ready she ALWAYS is. She said,
“Thanks! BUT I had to get it down pack!” I was glad she said that
because it sparked me to tell her about some of my photo difficulties.

See Me? I LOVE to smile, but certain angles I’m either 10 pounds lighter or
HEAVIER. Ugh! Lala grabbed my hand and said, “Heather. Look. You should pose like this.”
And although our boobs were touching, I saw. I posed. I conquered! Because I think…
Our flick came out cute! (Photo Above)


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