A few years ago me&some friends gave a “White Trash” party for a friend. The friend was white. The party was at Hooters. The theme: “Let’s get TRASHED!”

“The friend” works in the industry and has done some great work with Beyonce, Mary J, etc. At the time though, she was working with Puffy. Before you ask, YES! Puff CAME TO HOOTERS, but I was pleasantly surprised that actress Lauren London came as well. (Back then she was one of the faces for Sean John WOMEN.)


I didn’t know her, but I’ve always liked her. In interviews she seemed down to earth; HOWEVER it’s hard to tell the true personalities of actors, because…they’re actors. After some serious girl-talk with her that night though, Lauren officially became my “Hooters Homie” and I’ve been rooting for her EVER SINCE!

She came by the show TODAY to promote her new role on (BET’S) “THE GAME” and I was excited to chat with her again. Now, if you’re not into hip-hop then you don’t know that she has a 3 yr old with Lil Wayne and recently she’s been linked to Trey Songz…WHO CARES! It was the off-air convo we had that reminded me of why I “always liked her.”

We talked about GOD and being “present.” And how social media, cell phones, and worrying about people&things that you can’t change can stop you from seeing&hearing what GOD wants you to witness. HIS WORK. HIS MIRACLES. HIS BLESSINGS. And even…HIS warnings. I realized that we can become so wrapped up in “followers” “friends” “likes” and “posts” that we often miss out on the “MESSAGES” that we need.

And by no means am I against Twitter&Facebook, but my “time-in” is limited.

I’ll come clean, I was spending at least AN HOUR A DAY reading&searching through other peoples “stuff.” Now, do the math: That’s about 356 HOURS a year! 30 hours a MONTH! 7 Hours a WEEK! AND FOR WHAT? To see who’s single? What new clothes they like? Who’s at the train station? REALLY???

I was getting so intrigued by other peoples “status” I was not being where I NEEDED to be: PRESENT.

Like Lauren, “being present” made me realize GOD WANTED to do something for me. She shared that she LOVES being a mom and how “GOD’S timing…was PERFECT.” “Motherhood changed me” she said. “And even though I’ve ALWAYS been private, I’m DEFINETLY more selective about my roles.” “There’ll be NO NUDE pictures for me.”

She also has a new film coming out soon with Jill Scott, Paula Patton, and Derek Luke called “BAGGAGE CLAIM.” I hope it does well!

Tonight though, I will be front, center, and present rooting her on…and watching her make her debut on “THE GAME” at 10pm EST.


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