Let’s toast to…Being a little different

Titus 2:14
Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

Today’s Inspiring Thought: Peculiar People

The term peculiar in this verse means “special” or “unique.” It also means “set apart,” or “different from the rest.” Growing up, especially in high school, none of us wanted to be peculiar. We all wanted to fit in with the crowd. But as believers, we should no longer desire to blend in or conform to the popular group, particularly since our goal is to please God.

And with that being said…I woke up this morning to my phone ringing; It was Donnell Rawlings.

We became friends some years ago; And even with all his success, “The Dave Chappelle Show” etc. He stays in touch.  My plan was to “call him back” after I got up, but before I did, I had a conversation with my husband about “People ALWAYS having something (negative) to say.”

(FYI: A few interesting comments were made about the sweater&boots I wore on Oprah.)

My husband reminded me, “We live in a world where people wake up everyday just comment on social media.” He said, “Some of it is true.” “Some of it ain’t.” “It’s all how you respond to it.”

I then asked him, “Well, what about family?”


“FAMILY???” He repeated. “Who should KNOW certain people ALWAYS gonna have something to say.” But then he finished with, “It don’t matter to me though, I love you because you’ve always been a little different.”

And on that note…I called Donnell back.

We talked about work for a second; And then to MY SURPRISE he brought how he’d been dealing with folks who have stuff to say about him on the internet.

He was telling me how, “he gets into it with people on social media.” And how “being a professional comedian…He even gets into it with folks AT LIVE  shows.” He had me cracking up!

Because I’ve done music the longest, dealing with criticism from “strangers” is nothing: I’m used to it; but I was curious as to how he deals with family&friends having something (negative) to say.

He said, “It’s funny you asked me that.” Then he said,

“BERNIE MACK once told me,  You have to be careful… Because the devil will USE ANYBODY to discourage you.” “He’ll use your friends.” “And he’ll definitely use  your family.”  “And the funny thing about it, they don’t even realize they’re being used.” “YOU HAVE TO REALIZE IT.”

Bernie Mack was right. And I’m glad Donnell shared that.

After hanging up with him I thought for a quick second, “Would people scrutinize less and be more supportive, if I had “a regular job?”

Truth is though, because GOD wired me HIS WAY…and I’ve ACCEPTED HIM and THAT; “MY REGULAR ain’t gonna be everybody else’s regular. AMEN! 

And not only do I have to keep in mind what Bernie Mack told Donnell, but at some point we all have to decide (not matter what your regular is)  whether or not you’re going to allow yourself to be distracted by negative stuff people have to say.

I’ve decided, not to be.

Not to be distracted by “comments,” especially when I KNOW… I’m doing what I’m supposed to. Not to be distracted by “who approves” when I KNOW…There is only ONE APPROVER.  And I’m definitely not going to be distracted by what “the regular” when I KNOW….I fall under the category of “peculiar.”

(FYI: Titus 2:14)

So here’s to ALL MY “Peculiar People!” (Including the talented Donnell Rawlings.) May you continue to be a “little different.” May you continue to follow the desires of your heart and be BOLD.  And lastly, May you ALWAYS be able to “REALIZE” when folks are out to distract you.





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