I think “an artist” should be ready to explain WHERE the inspiration came from when they create art.

Okay…so two things. Yes, mixologists are ARTISTS…LOL AND a great cocktail is a WORK OF ART! LOL

My official pain in the butt, “Tracy G” asked me would I create a cocktail using “pumpkin” and I immediately thought “YUCK!” However, I’m always up for a challenge so I set out on a mission to make the PERFECT PUMPKIN COCKTAIL!

I was able to find 2 different Pumpkin Vodkas. One by Organic Vodka, the other by Burnett.

I LOVE Organic Vodka, however I was only able to find it in one store which meant who guys would be emailing me like crazy saying, “HB I can’t find the vodka! Where’d you get it from?”

So…I stumbled across Burnetts SPICED Pumpkin Vodka which it seems they only put out during the holidays, however more than one store carries it.

Next was finding the right thing to mix it with.

So many folks are lactose intolerant. I’m not, but I really don’t care for drinks that have you have to use regular milk or cream in them because it’s a headache when serving them. People ALWAYS have a million questions or ALWAYS get sick.

I was able to find an Cinnamon Spiced Almond Milk though that was just absolutely delicious even without alcohol!

The drink however STILL needed that “HB” touch to it (You know to make it a work of art) So I added Grand Marnier Titanium, Alcohol Infused PUMPKIN whipped Cream, Sprinkled Cinnamon on top, and then Kissed it with a Cinnamon Stick!

This drink is super easy to make and your family and friends will LOVE this for the HOLIDAYS!



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