Let’s toast to…BEING OBEDIENT

Cheers! On Wednesday, December 24th 2014, (Christmas Eve) it was POURING raining when I left work. My husband told me to pack an umbrella and I did; But for “some reason” when I was leaving work, I saw ANOTHER umbrella on the couch and “something”  KEPT telling me, “to take it.”

I hate when I get that feeling.

That feeling of “something” telling me to do or say a particular thing and I don’t have ANY IDEA why.

The one constant in all of those “somethings” though, is that they’re NEVER wrong.

No matter how random, how ridiculous, or how small “that something” may be…I’m learning to just BE OBEDIENT and TRUST WHATEVER GOD is telling me to do.

Before I took the umbrella though, I asked around the room SEVERAL times, “Whose umbrella is this?” In hopes that maybe “that something” was wrong and I didn’t have to carry another umbrella.

I asked.


And….everyone said, “That’s not mine.” So, I took it.


obedience quote part 1


I decided not to use the one in my purse and carry the one “I took” for the rain outside. While walking, my mind was frustrated with traveling to the Poconos that evening, still having to cook and not understanding “WHY  I had to take this umbrella?”   Then BOOM! I heard screaming.

Not the kind of screaming like someone was being mugged. It was a combo of screaming and yelling, like how a mother would “lose it” for breaking something in the house.

I had no idea WHERE it was coming from; Or WHAT was being said, but as I turned the corner, I saw a woman on the phone and screaming, “YOU WANT EVEN BRING ME AN UMBRELLA???” “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” “BRING ME AN UMBRELLA!!!” 

I couldn’t BELIEVE IT!

I honestly thought it was a mirage.


As I approached her, I saw 2 things:

1. A torn umbrella on the ground.


2. The hurt that was in her eyes and face.


I said, “Here.” “Here Sis.” “I have an umbrella.” “You can have mine.”

She immediately said, “No.” “I can’t take your umbrella.” But then I showed her that I had another one in my bag.

As I handed her the umbrella, I said…“Don’t be out here yelling in the streets like this over an umbrella.” “It’s not worth it.” And then I extended my arms out to her.

She hugged me back and then began crying uncontrollably.

rain quote

I’m sure for people walking by, we must’ve looked crazy. LOL!

It was POURING down RAINING and here’s 2 black women standing in the middle of street hugging and crying.

I encouraged her to let it out.

She said, “I have a man staying in my house that won’t do ANYTHING for me, but he won’t leave.” “I want him OUT.”  “Oh GOD, I want him out.”

“I’m working so hard for me and my 6 year old son, and this man won’t even bring me an UMBRELLA.”


I didn’t know what to say…So I kept hugging her. Oddly enough, the hug and the rain felt good.

She continued.

“It’s not good for me and MY SON.””My son is going to be somebody ONE DAY, so I have to be there FOR HIM.” “This man HAS TO GO.”


I finally said, “then let him go.” 

“Even if you have to call the police to put him out…Let him go.”


When we finally stopped hugging, I was able to look her in the face and tell her, “It’s gonna be okay.” 

“GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR SON.” “GOD will give you strength.” 

 It was the first time she smiled.

And as she was smiling she said, “Thank You.”

“Thank You sister for everything.”

“May GOD continue to BLESS YOU and BE WITH YOU.”


blessing someone else


I never got that woman’s name.

Didn’t give her mine.

But I do KNOW that she was A BLESSING for me too.


Yes, that woman needed an umbrella and possibly needed to hear “let him go,” 

But I NEEDED to be reminded that GOD is aware of EVERY need in our lives; Even down to an umbrella.

I get so distracted some times by the things I feel “I NEED” to do,

that I forget that GOD has a plan and HE NEEDS us to be obedient once we start asking for things.


GOD plan




I don’t know what you may be going through today, but I’d like to encourage you to…”Be Obedient.”

Whether it’s making a call. Keeping your mouth closed.  Staying Away. Or even channeling Rihanna and being someone’s “umbrella” for the day; Trust me, GOD’S smallest requests are a part of HIS BIG PLAN! Have a BLESSED DAY. A Be Encouraged!


FYI…Had to post this song for my mystery sister friend out there; I hope to run into you again one day.



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