Joel Osteen


I credit my dad for putting me up on Joel. I was actually SURPISED when my dad told me about Joel years ago, because I thought he always lived by the “Sunday’s are for FOOTBALL!” rule.

Either way…I haven’t had the opportunity to actually sit down and talk with Joel yet, however when I found out he was roaming the halls of SiriusXM it was only right that I hunted him down for a photo and to tell him…”I appreciate HOW he delivers THE WORD.”

What was even more interesting, in the little time I had to snap&chat with him, he was EXACTLY like you see on television: Smiley and Patient.

I’m AMAZED at how many hip-hop heads LOVE Joel: Both young and old. I hope he continues to spread The Word like he does…AND I hope I get to tell him that my dad was the one who put me on to him.

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