For many of us, we learned to LOVE Jada when she first appeared on “A Different World” from there “Menace to Society” “Set It Off” “The Matrix” and the list goes on and on.

One of the most fascinating stories about Jada Pinkett is that she auditioned for the role of “Lisa” for the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to play Will Smith’s girlfriend and the part ended up going to Nia Long.

“The part” went to Nia, however Jada ended up getting the real life role of Will Smith’s wife; And from there was born “THE POWER COUPLE.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from her when she came in; And I hate that feeling because I can usually gauge how an interview is going to go down 2 minutes after the person walks in.

This was a little different for some reason.

I mean, ALL of the A-listers we get have done THOUSANDS of interviews, but there was something more sophisticated about HOW Jada responded to questions.

There is CLEARLY a side of her that is “hood” but that’s not the intimidating side: Her ability to tactfully get her point across makes you NOT want to cross that line with her.

I won’t pretend to know WHAT the “other side” is, but I will bet money that she’s seen it.

When your husband has grossed BILLIONS in movie money and you can call “Oprah” at home, you have to become a master at communication and perception.

She’s well aware of all the rumors about her marriage, all the crazy stuff people say about her kids, but quite frankly…It was hard to ask her about ANY OF THAT.

The more I sit and LISTEN to our guests speak…It’s becomes harder to INVADE their “private space” once your mind establishes that “they’ve come prepared.”

I thought about asking, “Does her feelings ever get hurt by some of the things she reads about her kids?” But she explained in a different answer…That she encourages her children to be different.

I thought about asking her, “What was THE KEY to her and Will staying together for so long?” But then I thought to myself…”Who cares???” “Whatever answer she gives about HER MARRIAGE ain’t gonna help mine. LOL
(And that’s simply because what’s for them is…FOR THEM.)

So, you know what ended up being my MILLION dollar question to her?

“Do you know HOW TO RHYME?” It wasn’t the most eloquent question, however her answer was unbelievable! It lead to her telling us about how Tupac once had her in a female rap group.

Check out the interview below: My question comes at the 3:55 mark. Enjoy!

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