And…………..”Taking Accountability!”

Actress Kerry Washington came to The Sway In The Morning show to promote her ABC show “Scandal.”

I have always like Kerry. She seemed to be one of those girls who handled her business, knew how to stay out of b.s., and something about her energy…(even on screen) commands respect.

Because I’ve never seen her in some of my favorite gossip mags,  I was curious as to who she was dating….So I asked her if she was dating anyone.

“I keep my personal life PRIVATE” she said and not even in a stink way. It was more in the way of…”I’ve been down that road before, and I learned that lesson.” I couldn’t be mad at her. I understand why folks are somewhat guarded especially in these times where people feel like they NEED to know EVERYTHING about you.

Kerry and I laughed&joked around alot off air, (FYI: She’s from the BRONX!!!) and I was glad I had the opportunity to meet her because what she said about her keeping her personal life “private” ended up helping another guest that came through last week:

Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Now, ya’ll know I feel a certain way about ALL of these reality shows, but I like Melissa. We also had the opportunity to chat about things off air; (She LOVES Jesus! And she really wants to do radio!) So when she started talking about having to be  “interviewed” at all the different media outlets, I passed on the  H.B. version of what Kerry said, “Girl, don’t keep putting your personal business out there.”

I tried to explain to her how different “reality tv” is from 1992 when we did Real World. When you do one of these shows now, EVERYTHING you say and do will be documented for your children to see and read one day: And there is no protection from it once you sign on.

I was asked recently by someone in the media, How much would they have to offer you to do Love&Hip Hop? I told him, “I wouldn’t do Love&Hip Hop.” And it’s not about whether I like the show….I just understand how unreal and scandalous reality tv can be. It ain’t worth it! Just ask Hulk Hogan who came by the show this week.

My generation, we know and love Hulk Hogan the WRESTLER. I barely watched his reality show, but I was happy for Hulk Hogan because I met him once last year and God was heavy in his life.

Cut to this week though, when the scandalous sex tape leaked of him having sex with his best friend’s wife. It gets crazier…his best friend is, In the room with them! Acknowledges that they are about to have sex! And tells them to “have fun” before he walks out. What Hulk Hogan didn’t know though….he was being filmed.

Sway asked him how did all of this come about? He said, It took place 6 years ago when he had bottomed out. He said his wife had already left him and his best friend’s wife had been hitting on him for two years. He said, it was okay with his best friend because they were swingers, but he admitted that the moment he did it he felt SICK to his stomach.

He also told us that he didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. He knew what he did was wrong, but he said he feels bad for his new wife and his children: They are now having to deal with this too.

I guess at 59 years old Hulk Hogan has a different approach in terms of handling “the media.” To his credit, he answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION Sway asked him. He even took phone calls on air and most importantly he owned up to it.

Life is REAL. It ain’t a sitcom, a drama, a movie or a reality show. And the reality is…We ALL make mistakes. I’ve been reminded though thanks to Kerry, Melissa, and The Hulkster we have to take accountability and learn from what we’ve done so the same things are not repeated. Your personal life should be PRIVATE, unless you are truly ready to Handle Your Scandal!



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