EVERYBODY claims that they a GREAT sangria.

I’ve seen it done with Apples. Sugar. Orange Juice. Grapes. White Wine. Red Wine. Champagne. Cognacs. Brandy’s. Pineapple Juice. And everything else under the sun.

Let me be the first to say, “There’s  NO WRONG WAY to make sangria!” If it’s good and you have people requesting it, then you’re the man…Or the wo-man. HOWEVER!  I may be the first person you know that can say, Angela Bassett. Common. Tasha Smith. Dj Premier. And a whole host of other folks have all “tasted and/or requested my sangria.”

Even as I write this, I have orders to fulfNow some people would say, “You shouldn’t share your recipes” but I say Use It! I don’t care! And make it extra drinkable too. Ha!



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As the requests pour in for non-alcoholic drinks, I try to come up with ways to please ALL of my guests…even if they’re not drinking. ...