It’s not my place to “judge” Floyd.

His personal life? None of my business.

His mouth and bravado on 24/7? GREAT for boxing and it’s BRAND.

His money? Ain’t mine.

His choice of words in interviews? At times…EXTREMELY Questionable; HOWEVER in person, he was FUN and really easy to talk to.


We were only suppose to have Floyd for 15 minutes, but I had a feeling that the moment he walked in, he felt comfortable.

I’ve said this before and I’ll go to my grave with it, “THE BEST WAY to know how your interview is going and/or went is….When the camera and mics are OFF.”

It’s then when you get to see how the “guest” interacts with his staff, his real mood, and how often they check their phone. You also get to see how the publicist and management act. Trust me, when it’s not going so good, you see the publicist STAND UP and remind the producer how much time is left for the interview.

In Floyd’s case, before ANYONE could speak on his behalf, HE SAID, “I don’t wanna leave from here.” I thought to myself, “Whoa…That’s pretty cool.”

It was also kinda cool, (but strange initially) that he had Lil Kim with him as well. For me, it was actually the first time Kim and I spoke to each other. I must say, she was REALLY nice…but I couldn’t understand WHY she was WITH FLOYD.

He explained that they were JUST FRIENDS and nothing was going on between them; He even went into depth talking about how he’s around to support, even financially.

I did have to opportunity to tell Floyd that I thought, “Boxing NEEDED him and his family” but I wasn’t expecting him to remember that I started out as a rapper OR expecting to have the chance to kick a freestyle with him. Check us out below! Floyd even kicked a verse!!!










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